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  1. Well done Stu, saved someone from heartache.
  2. Have a think about subscribing to a professional observatory. It's not as expensive as you think. Wish I had done it before buying all my kit as the amount of clear skies we get in UK is a lottery. Here's a link to one of the sites but there are many others if you Google for remote telescopes/observatories. You buy time on the scope, enter the co-ordinates and you get your results sent in an email. http://www.itelescope.net/subscription-plans
  3. That's for sure! Where does the app get 64.43 watts from? Should be 16.59w
  4. Amps x Volts = Watts 1 watt x 1 hour = 1 Watt/hr Best to look up in the handbook for electrical specification of mount, then you can do the math for kilowatt/hrs but you'll need to guestimate a duty cycle of the full load capacity plus the low load capacity. For example, if the mount is say running flat out (max slew) for 6 mins in the hour, then it has a 10% duty cycle per hour, which you can calculate the power (watts) per hour.
  5. If your only drawing 9 amps total and 5 amps continuous and you've got a 10amp transformer, then that should be fine. As long as it's fused, there shouldn't be a problem unless it has voltage stabilisation. If it has, you might experience a current drop.
  6. Try the Celestron driver, I had the same problem on my EQ5. The driver for Synscan from Ascom site doesn't seem to work, and removes all availiable com ports. Spent hours checking everything including cables etc. Soon as I connected through Celestron driver everything worked fine. But make sure you connect via the handset.
  7. I'd leave it on so that you get a bit of heat to drive out the damp if your leaving it outside. Either that or install one of those small 20/40 watt tube heaters. If your in Norfolk you'll need some form of heating.
  8. Found this, might be of interest regarding survival of organisms tested in space. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_microorganisms_tested_in_outer_space
  9. Well I suppose, the problem is, as I've said before, that apart from the Turing test and IQ tests, there is no real benchmark or definitive for intelligence. Culturally, we have praised cleverness and intelligence, we are sent to schools and universities to celebrate our cleverness and we get badges and certificates that proclaim how clever we are. Now if we take my own personal story with that of autism, then supposedly my intelligence is that to the effect of being very below average intelligence. However, in certain areas I seem to excell, in math as a kid I could give you the answer before
  10. It's limited by the capacity and lifetime required to apply it...thus, us old gits go backward in intelligence until we hit senile delinquency, and return as baby's once more...the birth,life,death cycle. Where the foolishness of youth returns again but to graze on the field of wisdom and fall into one's own black hole of truth!
  11. What they are saying is that due to the 5th dimension, parallel worlds are created. Which is quite an important aspect over the normal bang, crunch theory, which only deals with a single world. The other aspect is that it deals with cyclical birth , birth, death, rebirth which is pertinent to some other texts, that model life. 'The branes were then flung apart, with one carrying our universe and the other the parallel universe that is a mirror image of our own. ' Which when you think about it, is a close resemblance to particles that appear where they shouldn't and particles tha
  12. Sorry I can't for reasons that Moonshane has pointed out. All I can say is that there are parts of the text which mathematically make very interesting reading and are very close to Einsteins theory of relativity. And as I previously said he was apparently a scholar of these texts.
  13. Well they are historical texts that do have a long standing and following. Not made up yesterday on the internet by a suedo author. They've been around for a very long time. No, there is no moving present in the idea that past, present and future are one and the same. The present is always the present and combined moment of all three.
  14. Outside of science, in the metaphysical world, apparently they can. What we are talking about is another dimension of time/space whereby by the 'power' of thought, and the illusions of the physical world can be projected to another. Thoughts according to certain texts, proclaim that the purer the thought the faster it's speed by many times the speed of light. As confirmed in an email to me; ' Furthermore, all thought waves travelled at speeds much higher than speed of light. As one progresses (word removed), one scaled higher levels of mental waves to unveil (word removed) wisdom con
  15. Because science limits everything to the speed of light (nothing can travel faster than) whereas other texts proclaim thoughts can travel faster than light, therefore it is outside the realms of conventional science by it's own definition.
  16. So, if we are likely unable to find aliens within the field of rudimentary science and probability, is there a possibility of alien intelligence outside of it? In other words, are there other dimensions that science can't explain? ie the Paranormal? There are certain beliefs and sacred text that state, thoughts can travel many times faster than the speed of light. So unbounded by conventions of the physical world, may they exist in the ethereal?
  17. You have to decide if intelligence is natured or nurtured first.
  18. Guarantee you, you don't need to look too far to seek wonder. Take a walk amongst nature or rummage through the plant pots in your own backyard and you are sure to find something that you've never seen before! Your proposal for a subset of Homo sapien sapien is interesting. We know generally in evolution, that if it isn't used, it gets lost! And the genes aren't passed on. With the decreasing birthrate in developed countries (Japan, US, Europe) , the growth of same sex marriages (or indeed single sex marriages being the current vogue) or the fear of STD's and the introduction of subs
  19. How far do you want to go back? Hunger most likely. Throwing rocks at animals to kill them to eat. ... and that was the day it set us apart from the other animals. (supposedly) Ohhh ahhh owhhh ahhh
  20. Really? Didn't know that. Thought his plot was a bit iffy around the edges but he made a fortune from it. I remember it used to be a supporting film at the cinema at one time. Chariots of the Gods...
  21. Well since I'm always in trouble...thought I wouldn't let an opportunity go by Anyone remember; Erich von Däniken according to him we were already visited.
  22. There is another option. Buy some time on a professional scope. Pay as you go. I've been looking into it after I spent all my cash I think in hindsight I would have had a lot more enjoyment than the complications of cable mismatch and various software downloads to get the beast working via a pc only to find I can't use it coz of cloud cover!
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