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  1. Thanks all for the comments. The eagle is best seen on a wider view. You havebto consider outer nebulous region and you get to see that it is the Eagles wings. The pillars are actually eagles claws. Love this nebula in Narrowband as in RGB it can be difficult to balance h colours!
  2. Here is a version without the red stars!
  3. Inspired by John Hothersall's excellent recent image posted here recently I thought I would give it a go myself. It needs lots more data so I plan to add to it as soon as we get clear skies. This image is only 80min Ha:Oiii:Sii 50:15:15 Taken with f5 newt (8 inch) Atik 314L Comments welcome
  4. Masterpiece. Congatulations. Worth the effort.
  5. Cat's Paw NGC6334 I imaged this the other night through a canon 350d (Mod) and 8 inch f4 Newt. 9 x 10 min calibrated. The moon was a bit bright so i had to crop the image. Fist time I have imaged this Nebula. Comments Welcomed.
  6. Thanks all for the comments! Here is a version with the stars under control a bit more!
  7. Took this of the Triffid at a Dark Sky Site this new moon. First light for my f4 Newt. LRGB 75:25:25:25 5min subs Atik 314L at -22 deg C on HEQ5 Comments welcomed (Cropped) Rgds Paul
  8. Bravo! Great framing and detail. Looking forward to the addition of RGB
  9. Great capture Andy! I always use a noise reduction tool and even a star rounding tool. The simple fact that seeing and light pollution will almost always conspire against you. The image of the bubble you presented in this post is awesome. Also the Atik 314l is 2meg ccd so at longer focul lengths it's harder to hide imperfections. Also the Sony chip used is very sensitive which makes it a great ccd but the higher the resolution the more imperfections you see.
  10. Thanks John - Sombrero is also one of my favourites! But colliding galaxies are spcial!
  11. Thanks all for comment. Its a faint target so you really need a dark site and lots of hours of exposure time to do this target justice!
  12. Wanted to image this for a while now. Happy that I manged to get some of the anntennae. LRGB 40:24:24:24 subs at 8min. Darks, Bias calibrated Comments welcomed
  13. Thanks all for comment! Appreciate the feedback.
  14. This galaxy, M83, was harder to image than I thought! Its faint and surrounded in what seems like fine dust or haze. Anyway, this image was taken as follows: LRGB 32:32:32:32 Atik 314L @ -20deg C EQ6, 8 inch f5 Newt Bias / Darks applied CS2 PS Comments Welcomed
  15. You picked a difficult target for first light ccd. Nebulas are far more forgiving! Well done on the image. It's good.
  16. Thanks guys. Nick the focal length on my newt is 8 inch 1000mm f5.
  17. Eight Burst PN - NGC 3132 This is the Eight Burst Nebula in Narrowband. Its bright for a PN, small, but has a good balance of Ha Oii and Sii. The inverted version shows the two strips though its nucleus. Only 32:32:32 min 8 min each Atik 314 L at -17degC 8 inch Newt Astronomik Filters 12nm Comments welcomed
  18. Wonderful, masterful, thanks for posting!
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