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  1. I ventured to Wiruna and managed to wait out the Hail, Rain, Lightning. The heavens cleared at about 11pm and managed to get 45 x 60sec, 20 x 30 sec, and 2 x 120 sec with Modded 500D ISO 1600 and 135mm Rokinon. Dithered and Darks applied. Star Adventuer ProI intend to apply more data from Coonabarabran next month, and some Ha next month and maybe widen the view with some mosaic action. Higher Res Astrobin http://astrob.in/eo7c36/0/
  2. Hi Baz good questions. I used a 10mm wide angle lens. But, it captures the majority of the visible milky way except some minor ends. So what you see in this image is close to what you see with hte naked ey. If you did two shot mosaic you will easily fit it all in to represent the naked eye view. The Bortle scale is 1. Very Dark Sky Park and protected by legislation. As far as "what you can visibly see". You wont see colour with your eye (but you can make out the blue a bit because of the Zodiacal light). You can clearly see the dark "Dust" lanes. Hope you get a chance to visit the southern sky at Bortle 1 this type of year (as this type of your you see the Galactic Core - but at other times of year you will not see the core.
  3. Managed to make my way to Coonabarabran and shot this image last night. Big thanks to Jeff theodog for hosting us at his incredible property!100 x 30sec is 3200 untracked with canon 500d unmodded. Rokinon 10mm f2.8
  4. Ok - so this will be it for this session - I combined all data from last 2 weeks. Don't think Ill get it any better than this (LP, Noise, optics)Off to Coonabarrabran this week so stay tuned for some dark sky Milky way.
  5. Hi. this is my first, second, and third ever attempt at imaging the Milky way - all combined! (Done over the past few weeks in Sydney) 54 x 30 sec at ISO 3200 with unmodded canon 500d not tracked. The past few weeks has been great viewing of the milky way Galactic Core!
  6. Hi, this is my very first attempt at Milky Way. Its 20 x 30sec stacked untracked with Canon 500D unmodded Rikinon 10mm f2.8 EF-S. I used PS to remove LP and it was slightly stretched to brighten a bit.
  7. good focus and nice sharp image
  8. Very nice! Love the clarity and focus spot on!
  9. Great. The modd really shows up on this target. Well done
  10. This Is a difficult target to capture. You have done well
  11. This is a lovely image. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Here is a version that I reprocessed using Digital development TM. It got rid of clipping and smoothed the image out
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