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  1. Glad you like your new bins. I agree that scanning the sky with them is very relaxing, especially when I do it on a comfy reclining garden chair.
  2. Show me your eyepiece cases

    I'll have a look into that. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Whoops I think I've been misleading. I'm quite happy with my respectable but budget range of eyepieces (I've also got 2 Skywatcher UWA planetary series eyepieces in there too). I'm embarassed by the messy box I keep them in!
  4. Show me your eyepiece cases

    Mine's not worthy of this thread I have the EPs in their original boxes (except for a Meade 4000 series Plossl which I have in its little bottle inside a padded case) inside a plastic toolbox with gaps filled in using packing foam chips.
  5. Short report Tues 19th 🔭

    Same. After I found M15 for the first time I then went for M2 but failed. I put it down to user incompetence at the time Good luck if you try it again.
  6. Short report Tues 19th 🔭

    I'm quite new to the DSO game but clusters are becoming one of my firm favourites. I notice M2 (Aquarius) isn't on your list of Messier objects. That's my next target, if my neighbour's trees don't intervene.
  7. A menacing Clavius!

    Lovely image and the lighting looks just fine. Nice introduction too
  8. Short report Tues 19th 🔭

    Nice report. Your "star" sounds interesting. Hopefully someone here who knows about weather balloons and can comment. I find M71 very variable. Some nights it looks great, other nights not so much.
  9. Binocular Case

    Lovely. These flight cases don't just look sturdy they also look pretty stylish.
  10. Hello from Wales!

    Welcome to SGL Yeah sadly this isn't a good time for Jupiter or Saturn but I hope you enjoy the many other things that 8" Dob can show you. Clear skies
  11. Quick session under unexpected clear sky

    Thanks for the advice all. I have tried replacing the caps on the finder when it wasn't in use before but I ended up touching the glass (eyepiece end) and decided not to repeat it. I might just try capping the objective (and being more careful!) seeing as that is the one that always dews up.
  12. Caroline's Rose NGC7789 🌹

    Sounds like a nice evening. Glad to see I'm not the only one who observes with a 4 legged friend.
  13. Having rained all evening, I had little hope for tonight. Nonetheless when I popped my head out at 10AM I found clear skies and decided to seize advantage. It was a very mundane observing session for the most part. I started with a quick scan with 10x50 binoculars, seeing M31, M15 and the Coathanger in Saggita/Vulpecula. The main task for tonight was to find M56 for the first time. I am surprised I have never seen this before given its quite easy location, but it was "hidden" in Stellarium until I zoomed in the other day and noticed it. I pointed the finder scope about midway between Albireo and Sulafat and put a 28mm eyepiece into my 200PDS and lo and behold a grainy patch! Switching to a higher power increased the grain effect but I could not resolve individual stars even with averted vision, but I am not sure if that should have been possible with a 200mm scope under relatively heavy light pollution anyway. I would have liked to stare at M56 for longer but a few patches of cloud were beginning to form and I decided to move on, in this case to M27. In the 28mm EP the "apple core" was clearly visible with averted vision and it hung majestically in a backdrop of stars. I then tried a few higher powers but struggled to attain focus with the 6mm EP but the 20mm made the apple core more prominent at the loss of the framing against the background of stars. I have not looked at M27 that many times (in part because I usually get distracted by the nearby M57, like M92 vs M13) so I had not yet decided what power suits it best but tonight the 28mm EP definitely won. Unfortunately it was now getting cloudy and the finderscope had dewed up so I decided to revert to using binoculars, disappointed that I hadn't got to see more through the scope. I would not be disappointed for long though. The Pleiades were, as always, beautiful and made me very excited about Taurus and Orion in the coming months. After this I wanted to look for M33 but the cloud was obscuring Triangulum so instead I looked at M31 again. It was not particularly spectacular until I saw the sudden flash of a meteor going straight past the core. This was the first time I can recall seeing a meteor through binoculars and I couldn't have chosen a better backdrop for it. Concerned about a possible impending return of rain I decided this event was a good time to end my session and lug the scope back in. Obviously by the time I had finished that the clouds had all cleared again .
  14. Messier 7

    I often have similar views when observing, except that the volcano is replaced with a power station and the trees are houses and streetlights Hope you had a nice holiday.
  15. Thanks for the info. That's put my mind at rest about it possibly having damaged my optics, plus any dew prevention effects will be very welcome! I already have a blower and a soft brush. The main items missing from my cleaning kit are solution and tissues/cloths to apply solution and wipe. I think I might pick up some of that Baader optical wonder fluid, its name pops up everywhere and never for the wrong reasons. As for tissues/cloths I used to have some good cleaning tissues which I picked up years ago, but I have recently misplaced them and had to start using microfibre cloths. I don't like the thought of reusing these cloths regularly but I've not decided on an alternative yet. I think the most important step in keeping my binoculars clean however is to stop them getting dirty in the first place. Hopefully they don't get slammed objective first into the corner of the arm of a camping chair in the dark again...