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  1. Looking for binoculars

    I own and love the ordinary Opticron Adventurer 10x50s (not the T WP advertised above). These are cheaper than the T WPs, are also reviewed and recommended on binocularsky.com and are cheaper than the T WPs (£47.50 vs £79 ordered from First Light Optics). But if your budget stretches then the T WPs get better reviews.
  2. Observatories in the UK worth visiting

    +1 Jodrell Bank I also visited the Spaceguard centre UK in Wales this summer. Their tour was interesting, and you'll enjoy driving up the hill, assuming you are a professional rally driver.
  3. Cartes Du Ciel VIRUS WARNING

    If you are concerned about your 3.10 installation being laced with malware then try a free antivirus scanner such as Malwarebytes AntiMalware (the free version can do on-demand scans but not real time protection. It does not spam you with ads to buy the paid version)
  4. Ah thanks guys, that's a relief. I don't normally get to observe at low elevations
  5. This evening I was lucky enough to get out with my 10x50 binocular, a luxury when I'm away at uni. I had a quick look at M42 (which was depressingly bad through city light pollution) before turning my attention to the setting Summer Triangle. I had a quick scan around parallel to the body of the swan in Cygnus as usual before turning my attention to the Vega area, where I split Epsilon Lyrae into 2 and tried Zeta Lyrae before being distracted by Vega itself. There were noticeable arcs of colour along the edges of Vega and it was twinkling very noticeably. I have never noticed chromatic abberation on Vega with this binocular before, and Vega was low on the horizon at the time so I hope this was due to atmospheric effects rather than CA in my binocular. Hopefully someone with more experience can comment.
  6. Revitalised with a bit of bin and Dob action

    Nice report. I ventured out myself earlier but got shutdown by cloud.
  7. 🔭 report 25th September

    As said above it's a personal choice when you decide you've found something. I tend to be pessimistic, in life and astronomy
  8. 🔭 report 25th September

    Nice report. I'd say a faint fuzzy in binoculars is enough for a catch. Personally I'd require atleast a hint of nebulosity before I said I'd found a nebula though. Enjoy your OIII filter.
  9. That's sensible. I lasted a bit longer, until 1:40AM but my fingers were getting too cold. Need new gloves!
  10. Great report. Sounds like you had a nice long session last night.
  11. Hydrogen Burn-off Igniters!

    Thanks for the link. I too had always wondered what the sparks were. I am currently reading the Haynes "Owner's Workshop Manual" for the Saturn V and it describes a similar issue where liquid hydrogen propellant in the S-II and S-IVb stages would boil off whilst it was on the pad and would have to be routed away from the vehicle and released into the bottom of a pool of water. The hydrogen then bubbled up through the water before being ignited at the top.
  12. Your best ever view through your bins

    I think I set mine tonight. I was just scanning around whilst I waited for my secondary mirror to de-dew and stumbled across the double cluster. I had never seen it and wow it was pretty.
  13. It's a sign of our impending Nbiru catastrophe. (More seriously, thanks for the interesting link)
  14. A Magnificent Saturn.

    This is incredible.
  15. Working around cloud

    It sucks doesn't it. I was really lucky to find this 1hr gap where the high cloud was enough to dim things down and degrade but still be workable (I looked at M31 with my binocular for a bit which I didn't mention and it was still pretty good). I'm sure you'll get a break soon enough. The colouring is hard to explain. I looked at it for a long time and it mostly looked like a normal white star but there were 2 instances where I looked away from the eyepiece briefly and then looked back and the Neptune candidate looked blue before the colour faded. I wonder if my mind was just playing tricks on me after 20 mins of almost continuous observing. Certainly a 130mm instrument in less than ideal seeing doesn't inspire confidence. Hopefully I can confirm it was the right dot though; its close proximity to HD 216777 tonight means that I should be able to pick up the movement away over the next week or so. Even in the 8" I don't think I'll be able to resolve a disc though. Might help pick out the colour perhaps. I don't really know anything about observing Neptune though