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  1. Thanks! I was a bit concerned when I read the instructions to see that my extension tube does not have a notch, there is just no notch on this tube. You may have answered my question, but how could this happen? I'll have to get back to the supplier. I tried again tonight and I'm getting nowhere near on target, not even within fov. I got so fed up in the end I put my 8x30 pocket binos on a lightweight mount and had a more enjoyable time. Clear skies dave
  2. HI I am very excited I have set up my new 127mak on the deluxe azgti wifi mount and clear skies are forecast tonight. (just have to stay awake till midnight for it to get dark). Testing in the daylight it all seems to work even a 5yr old could do this! Just what I need I'm so non technically minded. One thing, I can't seem to lock the Azimuth bearing, it remains mains quite easy to rotate no matter how I tighten that thumbscrew. Anyone else had one of these mounts who can advise me? (I'm sure I've done something wrong here). I have it attached via the extension tube, it's worrysome that the whole mount and ota are held by those 3 small screws but that seems to be the general idea. I can tighten the az but not the alt axis.......I read that it's best to tigthen them fully to get the best GOTO and tracking functionality. Thanks for looking! Clear skies Dave
  3. Thanks guys. I have tried everything, I have read the instructions and I have followed what Peter suggested.....I just get no response from this thing. I did try a 12v adapter in the original mount in case it was a battery pack issue but still just nothing. I'm baffled and I feel like an idiot!! Clear skies, Dave
  4. I purchased a 127mak on the SupaTrak mount. It came without instructions but it seemed very simple to assemble (perhaps I missed something). I have since found some instructions online and I think I put it together correctly. I found when I plugged it all together and pressed a few buttons on the handset there was hardly any movement going on at all.....I assumed the mount must be faulty. the dealer giving excellent service shipped out a replacement head, and now I assume I must have done something wrong because I've got the exact same thing (nothing) with htis one. I am using the 8xAA batts so I didn't expect too much but I get nothing. I used brand new Duracell batteries. I can only assume I have done something wrong in assembly or I am doing something wrong to the handset......I am sure there must be owners on here who can put me right? Thanks so much for all the advice on here already! Regards dave
  5. Hi everybody. Just after a bit of general advice. I have a new scope skywatcher 127mak. So far I've been able to see amazing detail on the moon but the sky is mostly cloudy so nothing else just yet. Looking into a cheshire type collomation cap all seems great but I also have a laser collimator and that tells me all is out of collimation by a mile! Now I do not want to start using the laser and adjusting the collimation I think I could make things a lot worse and it could just be a rubbish laser collimator I'm using? Are lasers not practical with a Mak? Should I wait till I can do a star test? Whilst I am here, will upgrading to a dielectric diagonal be worth the cost or should I save my money? Thanks Dave
  6. But the expense! The dewshield seems reasonable in price but do you need the dew controller in order to power up the shield? they are not cheap!
  7. I recently bought a skywatcher 127mak. I've had amazing looks at the moon with my Speers Waler 13.4mm and I believe it will do well on the planets and bright dso's. I have read that a 32mm plossl will give the maximun fov. I have a cheap 32mm plossl and I don't enjoy the fov much it seems small, though with tracking I guess that isn't so important. I prefer the view in the 82deg 13mm! I want to but 2 more eyepieces, one for low power and for locating targets (I don't have goto but I do have tracking), and one for good nights of seeing to get closer to the planets. After much reading, I thought I'd ask the question, leaving aside the matter of price, what will be best choices for me between a ES 24mm 68deg and a BST 58deg 25mm or a top quality 32mm plossl for my lowest power? I know people say the BST are amazing for planets at that price but are the ES really better leaving out the matter of price? Also for high power perhaps a BST 8mm or an ES 82deg 6.7/8.8. I don't mind paying a bit more for better but I don't want to do it if there's no gain! Thanks all Dave
  8. Update: I bought 8xAA batteries and plugged in the powerpack. I know that it's best to buy the 12v powertank and the battery pack is said to be rubbish, but all I get is a very quiet ticking sound and no movement happens at all. I'm pretty sure I put the thing together properly (it came with absolutely no instructions in the box). Could I have done something wrong in assembling it? Bit annoyed as theres a lovely clear sky predicted and a great Moon for me to get practicing on Cheers, Dave.
  9. Hi everyone. I just took delivery of a skymax 127 supatrak. So far it looks very nice. I haven't been out after dark with it but set it uo and aligned the finderscope and tested a few eyepieces to see what works better or worse. As soon as I touch the focusser the thing vibrates A LOT. This is going to make focusing a bit tricky! If I collapse the legs down that improves things a bit but then I'm on my knees looking through the finder........I have another old tripod with I think sturdier chunky holllow aluminium legs and they seem to attach to the mount in the same way, basically can I remove the legs and swop them over or will I be getting myself into all sorts of trouble, or is there an easier way to steady it a bit.....hanging a sandbag under it or something like that? I hope someone on here can advise. The last thing I want to do is make things worse by meddling........Thanks everyone.
  10. I am looking to buy some binoculars to use handheld for stargazing. I already own some 8x40 Nikon Action (not ex) and I have read that the 10x50 ex are a good choice. In the same price bracket I could go for some TS Optics 10x60 but I can't find out much about those. Has anybody on here ever owned/used a pair of the ts 10x60 and are they good quality? How do they compare to the 10x50 ex? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  11. It's really just that the 2" is very comfortable for me. I find most 1.25" wide angle ep's are difficult in terms of eye placement. It sounds mad to say it I have the revelation 1.25" 15mm superview and the 1.25" barlow and that 15mm is a nice ep but I love to use thwe2 inch 30mm to locate an object and it would be nice to then just pop in a barlow, without having to use the 1,25" adapter? I have had good interesting answers so far thanks all.
  12. Hi I have a 6 inch dob and I really like the views and the comfort with my relelation 2 inch 30mm ep. I am wondering about buying the 2 inch revelation 2x barlow it looks very nice. I see also Celestron do a 2 inch 2.5x barlow that is very lightweight and 2.5x might be a lot more useful in terms of magnification. Also the celestron is very light in weight but in a dob that doesn't matter too much. The celestron is quite a bit more expensive but that isn't a deal breaker. Anyone had experience and can compare the two barlows I would be grateful thank you. I Mostly do planets and bright DSO's from suburban garden with light pollution. Thanks everyone dave
  13. Perhaps more of a moan than a question but anyway here it is. I have a Skyline 150p Dob and I've been using budget revelation 2 inch 30mm and 42mm ep's and i just love the views and I'm going to purchase the 2 inch barlow next. I am told that as you go to faster ratios, these ep's start to perform less well. My question is I would consider upgrading to an 8 or 10 inch dob, but why iis the 8 inch only an F5.9? If it's easier to produce a mirror with a longer focal length, and the extra height of the eyepiece/finder, would also be a great advantage, why do almost all 8 inch dobs stick with the 1200mm f/l ? (I usually put mine on a small side table when in use).
  14. I don't have a v-block, (don't know what one is! I have a cheshirte and a lase. It is so difficult to adjust these mirrors, they don't move easily and don't go the direction you expect them to, then they spring back to where they were when you started! I'm rending to think the cheshire is correct and it's the laser that is wrong but it's very difficult to diagnose what needs adjusting fom the image in the cheshire. I guess I need to collimate the laser, but why should this be necessary? I would've thought it's a simple enough job for a factoy to produce a properly collimated lase? I think I've probably made things worse! It's been cloudy for about 3 weeks and I'm fidgetting
  15. I have a skyliner 150p f8. I have a cheshire collimation cap and a laser collinmator. The laser tells me I have things just about perfect. It wasn't easy to get this result! In the cheshire collimation cap, things don't look right. Isn't this a frustrating hobby!
  16. 127 Mak for showing kids the planets. ample aperture to get loads of detail on the planets, extremely portable.
  17. Presumably Revelation Superview range of eyepieces are the same as GSO superview, and a good few more "no-name" 70 deg ep's out there. I purchased a 2 inch 70 Deg 30mm revelation revelation superview last week and in my F8 dob it works fabulously well and is so comfortable to use I absolutely love it. It was about £40 delivered! It'll be my "finder eyepiece" I like it so much I ordered the 1.25" 15mm straight away and it came today, it cost £28!! Of course it's cloudy tonight but I'm looking fwd to trying it out asap. I am quite picky about eyepieces but at this price I can't imagine spending £100 more because I have done it in the past and I'm not sure you get much for the extra £££! Will be back as soon as I've tried this out. Anyone else use these eyepieces?
  18. Thanks guys. I have seen the teleskop service crayfords, and they are a bit pricey, this scope cost me £175! I was hoping for a basic but functional replacement at a better price than £100+. I'm not bothered about dual speed, even a r&P would be fine for me but just without the terrible amount of slop! I can't even begin to check collimation as everything moves as soon as I rack the focuser a little. It seems these things NEVER appear for sale used!! agenaastro is U.S. based and I'm in the UK. We get ripped off here!! Thanks
  19. Hi My skywatcher 150p has a terrible amount of movement in the focuser when racking it, I have tried lining the tube with a foam rubber to tighten it up but it's still awful. I don't want to spent £120 for a replacement. I've seen an unnamed brand crayford on ebay, wondering if anyone has any experience of this one, it looks good for £50 from China! I'd have to be sure it will fit easily as well. Just thought I'd ask. I am tempted to give it a try. if hyperlinks are not allowed, I apologise! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191874414330?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Any thoughts would be gratefully received thanks Dave
  20. Generally, if you buy used eyepieces in great condition, and look after them, they hold their value well and you can re-sell them later and try different types and focal lengths to decide what you prefer. A good 32mm plossl/super plossl can be bought for 30 or 40 quid and give excellent views in all scopes. As you up the power, wide angle ep's are great but you're paying more. Lots of reviews at excelsis.com/astronomy
  21. Greetings all! This might be a dumb question. In fact it might be a completely dumb idea but here goes anyway. I am going to create a binocular mount for my helios 15x70 bins, cheaply, using n alt-az mount I never use and a monopod with a trigget grip ball head. You might get the picture? My alt az mount is a similar one to the vixen deluxe with the funny arm arrangement like you see on small celestron goto scopes and the monopod will be attached to the arm. These are heavy bins, about 7lbs so I am wondering what would be the ideal amount of counterweight at the bottom end of the monopod? Given that I can adjust the distance if the weight by extending the monopod section........if you know what I mean? Thanks for reading everyone clear skies (I'm saving for a parallelogram mount and tripod, they don't come cheap!)
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