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  1. Recently I have been planning on getting a Heq5 with a belt mod for use with my SW evostar 80ED, and later get a 200mm or 250mm f4 reflector telescope for smaller nebula and galaxy groups like the deer lick galaxies. Would it be worth investing in an neq6 with rowan belt mod or just getting the heq5 (PS you're looking at 1.35 arc sec per pixel).
  2. How much of a difference would Regreasing the mount do?
  3. Do you think that a rowan belt mod on the neq6 is worth it? its just pushing my budget a little bit!
  4. Hi all, I am currently looking at getting a new mount for an esprit 80mm because my cg-5 ASGT has just died. I am considering a heq5 pro with a rowan belt mod, but I don't know if i should make the jump to the neq6 pro. Any ideas Joe
  5. Hi, thanks for the late response but I believe I have figured out the problem. I believe the original power supply was slightly to large and was under volting. As for the old handset, it was completely dead and would not turn on. However I have already replaced the handset, so I'm not to concerned about that now.
  6. h Recently my celestron CG5 advanced GT has been acting up. First my hand controller died, so I replaced that with a new one which seemed to have solved my problem. Than my power switch stoped working properly and it would take me 20+ attempts to get it working. Now whenever I turn it on the RA starts randomly and keeps moving for about 7 second really loudly. Now it just does not track in ra, in the south anyway. I am very lost. Any Ideas?
  7. Yes I have been considering buying it. I was playing around in photoshop with more filters from nik collections and I ended up with this:
  8. It is just a celestron advanced gt CG-5. It has managed to get very good 10 min subs unguided before. Guess I just got lucky! Im hoping to try my autoguiding setup for the first time tonight
  9. Is it necessary to take flat frames for narrowband filters? I could not find many useful sources online.
  10. I finally got around to buying Photoshop for my computer, and boy was I missing out! This is a 1.5h exposure with 4 min subs. All of the frames unguided and shot through an astronomik CLS clip in filter. Canon 1200D (MODDED). I'm not to sure how to remove the gradients without clipping any data so please leave ways of fixing that please! I used the HDR Efex Pro 2 from the nik collections
  11. OIII may not be to much of a problem for me, as I am planning on making a HaRGB composite image. I'm doing this because I have not a clue how to map colors to any false color palates on Photoshop :/
  12. I use this one: It seems to work well enough and I will probably use it until I get a filter wheel.
  13. Yea, I would have gone for 2'' but my budget unfortunately does not allow me to get them Flats seem to solve most of my problems though
  14. Its just a convenient way to get around street lights and dreaded moonglow
  15. I am the basic celestron Barlow/t adapter attached to the 2''eyepiece to 1.25'' eyepiece adapter supplied with the skywatcher evostar ED80.
  16. Thanks. I had accidentally knocked my tripod so I had to realign and I just got it right
  17. I was out last night and managed to capture 13, 10 min frames on the heart nebula in h alpha before I had to pack up (school next day) 2H10M Exposure Skywatcher Evostar ED80 Ds-Pro Celestron CG5 Advanced GT Canon 1200D astro modified DSLR Baader 7nm Ha filter (1.25'') No autoguiding
  18. Joeistotalycool

    DSLR images

    collection of most of my images
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