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  1. Hello, I was wondering why flats were not working correctly - They worked in the past but now they overly correct. I use a 1200D DSLR and I am shooting h-alpha. Stacking in DSS I have also included a RAW flat frame Single__0012__12C_0s5s_NGC2264_2018-10-22_ISO800.CR2
  2. Hello, I was wondering if Having a CLS filter in front of my narrowband would affect the images? I am asking because I am considering on getting a filter wheel with LRGB and NB filters in one wheel, and I will need a CLS in front of LRGB because of light pollution. I don't want to go through the hassle of constantly taking the CLS filter on and off. Would a CLS filter be even necessary with Baader LRGB filters? The CLS filter im looking at is the new IDAS D2 because of the increasing LED apocalypse, or an astronomik CLS CCD.
  3. I think Rother valley optics may have them z61 https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/william-optics-zenithstar-61-f59-apo-refractor-ota-2018-model.html 72ED https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/skywatcher-evostar-72ed-ds-pro-f58-doublet-apo-refractor-ota-case.html
  4. I use the SW ED80 and that glass is excellent for the money, even without the flattener, so I imagine the same can be said for the 72ED This used no flattener.
  5. If you mean the Skywatcher 72ED, it should be fine. I would also get the reducer flattener if you can! The william optics z61 is also worth a look at
  6. 4 hours exposure in 5 min subs @ ISO800. Canon 1200D, Astronomik CLS Clip in filter.
  7. From the album: Imaging Challenge #16 - Inspirational Skies - Now Closed

    The images get all of the attention, but they would not exist without the gear
  8. From the album: Imaging Challenge #16 - Inspirational Skies - Now Closed

    A picture that makes people use their head to spot the object it describes.
  9. Here are the guide log(s) The 000240 is before i did a meridian flip and when i first started getting the issues The 014836 is when I let it run for a bit, after a few attempts to get it working. The ra spike near the end was me accidently shining my torch down the guidescope PHD2_GuideLog_2018-08-06_000240.txt PHD2_GuideLog_2018-08-06_014836.txt
  10. I was calibrating phd2 with by belt Modded neq6 PRO, and the graph appeared to have lots of backlash. The graph then went back to normal afterwards. It really confused me, so does anyone have any idea what it was?
  11. Hi, I have a question. How did you process the oiii data? From what I understand it gets signal in both the blue and green channels, so how did you combine the two channels together?
  12. Thanks! I may see you there (24th, can't make the 23rd)
  13. Recently, Pegasus astro released the Pocket Powerbox, which is a smaller version of the Ultimate Powerbox (Which I am sure many of you are familiar with). The concept is that you only need one device to power ALL of you equipment, and the pocket powerbox, as the name implies, is designed to be used on smaller setups like mine. After some postage issues, my initial initial impressions are very good, as to be expected from Pegasus Astro. The PPB features 4 x 12v output sockets, an 8v DSLR power output, a sensor input (Sensor included) and two dew heater sockets, which use the standard phono sockets found on most dew heater controllers. In the box, four 12v male to male cables are supplied, which is a nice touch. With my PPB, I also ordered a DSLR power adaptor for my 1200D. The power adaptors are available for Canon and some sony cameras. There is also a USB type B cable (3m long), which is used for connecting the Powerbox to a computer. The pocket powerbox software is very good, as there is no glitches that I have stumbled across so far. It is very simplistic and can ghosted, so it can still be seen even when going on other programs. The Pocket Powerbox has a built in voltmeter and ammeter, so you can monitor how much current your equipment is using, which is useful for when you are running on battery power. The Temperature/Humidity sensor supplied and is very accurate. It can be used to work out the dew point, so your dew heaters can be automatically adjusted to maximize power efficiency.
  14. I got shortlisted in the competition too, and like many, my image was not fetured. Are you going on the 24th or 23rd?
  15. I was reviewing my data I captured last night on M106 and the tiff produced has lots of vertical bands through it. I think it was because I had RA only dithering enabled, but I just want to make sure. I was using a canon 1200d (modded), 10min RGB subs. PHD2, Dither scale of 3 on random mode, With the RA only box checked
  16. 3.2 Hour total exposure, Canon 1200D DSLR Full Res - https://astrob.in/334257/C/
  17. I managed to capture a Lunar transit on the 28th March and to say it was my first go and I had 20 minutes notice, I think I did pretty good!
  18. Wow, thats quite the setup! Thanks for your help
  19. Thanks, do you think the SW ED80 would be too much weight?
  20. Hello, I was wondering if the Skywatcher 250pds would be too heavy for the neq6. The neq6 has a rowan belt mod and I will be using the Altair astro 60mm guidescope, and a canon 1200d. Thanks.
  21. I have guidescope, Guide camera and Modded Dslr covered. Reason for the upgrade is my Celestron CG5 Advanced GT has passed away
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