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  1. for planetary and moon craters 5-9mm wide field eyepiece is great to consider
  2. +1 for the 8" skyliner dob , if u really want to explore the skies by yourself and see much more 8" is a lot better (it is without GoTo system but you can always get one later on)
  3. yes you can see the Milky Way with your eyes , you can even see the Andromeda galaxy with only your eyes.I can see it from my backyard (i live in a small village) ,but your eyes have to be adapted to the dark 40-1h in the dark and u can even see the double cluster C14 under Cassiopeia ,which is really close to Andromeda
  4. if you dont want to hurt ur eyes for sure you need moon filter or UHC filter if u can spend more $$ its more usefull for moon+make faint objects more visible during observation
  5. i really hope noone fall for this scam....this is so sad some people actually do it.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SkyWatcher-Explorer-200P-Reflector-Telescope-with-Extras/302650874947?hash=item467765dc43:g:Z~4AAOSw9LlaksMx something like this used would be great for first scope
  7. for astrophotography faster scope all the way ! Skywatcher 200mm Quattro f/4
  8. this level of contrast...im dying , its so cool
  9. go get a nice 2x Barlow Lens with T-adaptor and you are good to go , 3x Barlow is way too much for this scope
  10. just want to add something about telescopes without GoTo - Its such a satisfaction when u finally find the target you looking for.I think just for me is more exciting xD thats why Dobsonian all the way baby !
  11. u talk about GoTo mounts ,and they're expensive , a decent GoTo Mount is around £300
  12. for £400 u can easily afford skywatcher dobsonian 8" f/6 ,its really good scope
  13. u can try the Barlow lens with the 10mm but dont expect alot afterall its a small scope ,but i think u could see jupiter belts if its dark enough around you Clear skies.
  14. Hello everyone , i want to ask if this Zhumell kit https://www.telescopesplus.com/products/zhumell-telescope-1-25-inch-eyepiece-and-filter-kit is any good for a small telescope 114mm reflector (its going to be gift for a friend ,new in astronomy) a guy in my area offered me this full set for around $40 i just wanna know your opinion on that kit it looks decent afterall
  15. everytime i open this topic im with my left hand on my forehead with the right hand scrolling and only one think comes to my mind * Holy S**t * ...that topic is actually insane
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