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  1. 53 minutes ago, ChopSuey said:

    I've purchased the connections in the attached photo, but I'm still struggling to attach my camera to my scope! What am I missing? 

    The tring fits the camera, the Barlow fits onto the tring, but this is too small to fit onto the scope, and where does the eye picene fit in, if it does?

    im trying to fit it to a skywatcher 

    any help appreciated 


    The ring on the left hand side of the table mat attaches to the part next to the eye piece. That is your 1.25" - 2" draw tube adaptor. The barlow will go into the now reduced part, and the camera will attach to the barlow via the T ring and camera adaptor.

  2. Just now, Peje said:

    secondary looks lovely and round underneath the focuser, i spent a couple of nights making sure collimation was as good as I could get (meaning I could see nothing at all wrong with it).

    But is it? From your photo, you are getting an angled shadow. The only thing that works at an angle is the secondary mirror. I don't get it and mine is bang on. 

    Are your vanes absolutely straight? Does your draw tube lower too far into the OTA? 

  3. Is your secondary mirror set correctly? Take the eye piece out and using a thin strip of card, hold it inside the draw tube at the 12 o'clock position (opposite the focus rail) and slide it down until it "gently" touches the secondary mirror edge (at 12 o'clock). mark the card at the edge of the draw tube. Now do the same at the 6 o'clock position and see if there is a difference in the height. Adjust as necessary.


  4. Well I tried the scope last night,and I'm very impressed with it's light gathering ability. Focusing gave very little shake to the image, but it quickly settled. 

    I turned to Jupiter as it had risen, but it was covered with a hazy cloud high up, however I could clearly see more bands than my 130cm scope was showing. The 4 moons were very wide apart, with one being on it's own and the other 3 opposite. Then the clouds rolled in and the night ended. I'm about to pop out again hoping to catch the Orion nebula before it goes below the houses.

    I picked up a cheap spirit level today and whipped the bubbles out in order to affix to the base. I did get one of those round bubbles but it's too small. I will illuminate the bubbles as well (possibly) :) 

    This build has now finished, and the micro adjustment like what others have done will be my next project. 

    Thanks to those that have given their advice and/or opinions, as well as all messages of praise. It's great that you "seasoned" star gazers are there to guide us newbies.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Mick J said:

    Cracking job Daz,  did you spray the paint?  looks really nice and love the setting circle.

    Thanks Mick. It was a brush job mate, but each coat was sanded down and was thinned 60/40 so it goes on smoother. I was going to do a 1200 wet sand after the last coat and then cutting compound and polish, but it gets very messy, so I didn't bother. 

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  6. A bit more of an update for you all.

    This is the final design of the illuminated pointer.


    I set a clear red LED into the end of the pointer by filing a tight slot so that the LED sits up to the LED base collar. I then used some of my clear canopy glue that I use on my RC plane canopies (strangely enough). I gave the pointer some shoulders so that I have more of an anchor point to help give it some strength. I filed the tip at an angle so that the red glow will face me as I look down upon it. 

    That then gives me this:


    I then cut a slot in the dob box for it to fix into, and the wires will come up inside the box where my power supply will be. I will set this in epoxy so that it doesn't move. And with the lights off, I get this:


    Plenty bright enough to illuminate the numbers and the compass marks. The LED will be on a dimmer so if if it's too dim or too bright then I can adjust it accordingly.

    Any thoughts?

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  7. On 18/03/2017 at 20:12, fiestazetecmk2 said:

    Nice work.very neat.where did you get the setting circle from.???

    I downloaded it from the internet, stuck it on a stick and the printer done the rest to whatever size I needed. 

  8. Hi guys. Well the box is built and ready to go, having glued on the formica strip around the alt wheels this evening, however the illuminated pointer isn't up and running yet, but that doesn't stop me from using it as I'll use my iphone compass in the base for now. Not that I can currently use the scope as the bad weather has hit us down here. I haven't fitted the tube yet, that'll be tomorrow, but it gives me a chance to collimate the tube so it'll be ready to go when the clouds do clear. 

    I'll get some photos up once it's all together. 

  9. 13 hours ago, niallk said:

    Great stuff Daz69 :thumbsup: - keep going back again and again to Jupiter: some nights I find it a blurry fuzz ball, but other nights when seeing is good, and the scope is well cooled and collimated, the fine details are just spectacular.

    I had the scope out a good 2 hours before using it, set it up before dinner, and then saw that Jupiter wouldn't be high enough until at least 21:00hrs, so actually nearer 3 hours! I'm also happy with the collimation (bit of a perfectionist getting things working spot on) but I hear what you're saying about seeing conditions being different every time, but I think probably my way biggest problem was viewing Jupiter almost 2 feet above my neighbours house :rolleyes:  ha ha!. 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Nathan UK said:

    Thanks mate,

    i only got sky view tonight, 

    stil playing with it TBH but seems like a great app. I currently only have the free version and only seem to be viewing ISS and Hubble so now that you have told me the paid versions good I will purchase and see if that shows me the rest, hopefully I will have a nice report and pics to follow mate

    For £1.49 it's absolutely worth it, gives so much info, not that you're likely to see RB's floating around, but reading how old they are and what they were used for is interesting in itself. 

    Anyways, good luck and all that, I'm off to bed, good night mate. 

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