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  1. If you are considering a DSLR, Canon seems to be the popular brand for this sort of stuff. I’ve had good results with the 130PDS and an astro modified 600D and a standard 7D Mk2 in the past. I just remote controlled them from a laptop using APT.
  2. Congrats ! I am in the process of saving up for one of these too, looks the biz .
  3. Making slow but steady progress on my mission to get back imaging again ! New arrivals this last week, a shiny new SW 130 PDS from FLO, a cheapy guidescope off Amazon and a nice ebay deal on a second hand ZWO ASI 290 mini guide camera. Imaging camera next... time to get saving again.
  4. As mentioned above, I find starstax is good. For timelapse I use LR Timelapse but you also need adobe lightroom for that. I use a Canon DSLR and I don't use in camera NR, I find it can soften things, with long exposures and lowish ISO and stacking I don't think its that important + you can always do NR when processing the final image if required. Not sure about your camera tbh. Length of open shutter time, I go for as long as possible on my locked open intervalometer = 30secs for me, it doesn't matter if the stars start to trail in the individual images. Longer open shutter = lower ISO = less noise. For ISO I just take a couple of test shots and see. For my Canon 6D I find 30 secs at 500 ISO gives pleasing trails, less than that and they are a little sparse, more than that and the sky gets busy ! Depends on the effect you are looking for I guess. Easiest way to check all of these things is just to try a range of different settings for some short test runs and then stack them into a star trail to see what the result is. I did this and this is how I ended up with my go to settings for most star trails = 30 secs & 500-1000 ISO depending on the situation. I have a few star trails here along with the settings used for each one https://www.flickr.com/photos/132427272@N04/albums/72157655067298718/with/31468538285/ Good luck !
  5. I had a triangular star problem with my 130PDS, it was fixed by loosening the primary mirror clips a little, they were too tight. Good luck !
  6. Hi All Can anyone recommend a good book, for a total beginner, interested in looking at the night sky from their garden please. Just naked eye stuff at the moment. Thanks
  7. Thanks for this, trouble is, I'm not sure I like the square fov, this is why I am thinking prolly the 294.
  8. Hi All I'm just working out how to mount an EQ6-R onto my existing concrete/brake disk pier. I had hoped that the main mounting bolt (the one that goes through the centre of the tripod underneath and up into the base of the mount) would be the same as my old HEQ5 but it seems a bit larger. Can anyone tell me the thread size of this bolt and the pitch so I can order one to fit ? Thanks
  9. Set mine up last night with USB connection. These 2 vids were helpful.
  10. Thanks. I'm thinking another 130PDS to start with. 130PDS, TS-Optics GPU Corrector and ZWO ASI 294MC Pro is the plan, gonna take me quite a while to save up enough for each item + guiding + all the other little extras and mods. I'd like to be up and running by next autumn. Just got a new brake disk for my pier top, going to get drilling and painting that this weekend, then mount the EQ6R ! I may use my DSLR and lenses for a while until I can afford a telescope. I'm hoping the EQ6-R will offer a little more flexibility for upgrading in the future, my old HEQ5 was great with the 130PDS, but anything much heavier and it started to struggle a bit.
  11. Delighted to have this beauty arrive from FLO today. I sold off all of my astrophotography kit back in the spring to pay off debt, so it’s nice to be back and building a new set up. Telescope next !
  12. Brilliant ! Thanks, I'll get on ebay.
  13. Hi All I am just looking to buy an EQ6-R at the moment. I plan on using it with a concrete/brake disk pier I made in our garden. Currently the top disk is the correct diameter for my old HEQ5. Just wondering if anyone is using their EQ6-R on a similar brake disk set up, and if so, what sort of disk you used to make it fit ? Failing that can anyone tell me the EQ6-R base diameter that I need to look out for ? Thanks.
  14. I'm far from expert at this but I do stretch Ha data in photoshop no problem. I always do small stretches tho and repeat, if I do a large stretch it starts to look quite blocky/blotchy straight away. Same with adjusting the levels, so I use small steps. No idea why this happens tho ?
  15. Great image, the star adventurer does it again ! You can see the flame and horsehead coming through there too. I hope you don't mind, I chucked your image through Lightroom to try and remove the purple halos a bit, it's not perfect but there is less purple.
  16. Hmmmm........ No responses yet, so I'm guessing no-one knows the answer to this one ?
  17. Hi all Last night I learned how to create a mosaic in CDC using finder circles then import that list of finder circles from CDC to APT to image a mosaic area. I had to use go to++ to plate solve each panel, then manually start a simple imaging plan for each panel. For me this was an achievement ! I am wondering if there is a way to create an imaging plan that could automate the whole process ? It would rely on PHD2 selecting a new guide star when the mount moved to a new panel, then start guiding again too. Is this possible ? Thanks
  18. I use a Lacerta Flatfield box, it's not the cheapest but I think the build quality is good, it's dimmable and it has worked OK for me so far ! https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p8241_Lacerta-LED-Flatfield-Box-with-240-mm-usable-Diameter.html
  19. That's great thanks, I'll get in touch with him
  20. Thanks. I am an ecologist. I am just trying to get the local nature reserve recognised for its dark sky quality, so I'll be flagging up the many ecological benefits (alongside others) of protecting the area from LP. Plenty of research/evidence showing negative ecological impact caused by LP, yet, as you say, the LP creep is just relentless. Luckily I live in a small rural community, I'm hopeful that if we can get the community engaged with this we might be able to make a difference at a local level and encourage neighbouring parish councils to do the same.
  21. Do you have any sort of reference for this statement, it would be really helpful if possible. I'm trying to convince the parish council that our 21.2 skies are dark enough to really push awareness and protection within the local community. Pretty much the same approach I am asking our parish council and hopefully neighbouring parish councils to adopt.
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