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  1. Hi I managed some good shots of the Moon last night 9.15pm also a couple of bright objects ,looking North West from Leicester,between 10.00pm and 10.30. would like to know what is in the sky going into June ,thinking they were planets ? one bright object right overhead. I took these with Nikon 7200 and lense Tamron 18-400mm
  2. Hi all would like to know the size of the Starlink Satellites up there thanks Ken.
  3. Many thanks for your comments ,as a novice could you explain to me what is the difference between imaging and observing ? thanks.
  4. I think it would make it a lot easier with finding Planets,galaxies etc to just put in the object's in the solar system,anything to help find things quickly,would it be a advantage ? £375 seems a good buy.
  5. Just looking at the above scope would this be a good scope to go for ? gratefull for any comments.thanks.
  6. Hi,I am new to astronomy only had a Scope for nearly a year,so do not know

    all the terms etc used by advanced members,my camera is a Nikon D5300,with a

    good 70x 300 mm so can get good snaps,when the sky is clear,

    1. Starlight 1

      Starlight 1

      with your camera I would go out looking for M42 Still coming up so it be a very late night/ M45/ M31/ M32/ M13 can be seen by eye . download and star program like CDC its free and it help you to work out the night sky. tell us more about your set up as it will us to tell you the best places to take photos from.

    2. KAYCE


      Many Thanks,I will,grey here to-night in Leicester .

    3. Starlight 1

      Starlight 1

      I see you are only taking around 1 to 3 sec shots so iso 800 all in  the list are good . then you can start working on programs like dss to do the hard work making a image.

  7. KAYCE


    Hi,I took this rare photo on 4th Oct at 6.21 pm on my Nikon D5300,in the right place at the right time, 320th sec,F 29,ISO 3200. probably will not happen again.
  8. KAYCE


    Moon shot with Nikon D5300 co inside with passing plane.
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