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  1. Hi I managed some good shots of the Moon last night 9.15pm also a couple of bright objects ,looking North West from Leicester,between 10.00pm and 10.30. would like to know what is in the sky going into June ,thinking they were planets ? one bright object right overhead. I took these with Nikon 7200 and lense Tamron 18-400mm
  2. Hi all would like to know the size of the Starlink Satellites up there thanks Ken.
  3. Trying to attach photo.
  4. It is skywatcher 127 the Handset is the basic one I have to get to the object by up or down slewing, just using numbers 1/2/3/4/5. will depend on the cost I suppose of a new mount. thanks.
  5. I am thinking of trying to upgrade the mount on my Skywatcher 127 telescope,Is it possible to buy a GoTo mount for my scope? this would save me from buying a newTelescope with a GoTo mount,or would the best bet to sell my scope and purchase a new scope. I am looking for the advice from learned friends. Thanks. Ken.
  6. Many thanks for your comments ,as a novice could you explain to me what is the difference between imaging and observing ? thanks.
  7. I think it would make it a lot easier with finding Planets,galaxies etc to just put in the object's in the solar system,anything to help find things quickly,would it be a advantage ? £375 seems a good buy.
  8. Just looking at the above scope would this be a good scope to go for ? gratefull for any comments.thanks.
  9. Hi all ,I use Astrometry quite a lot unable to get on there now,is there any other similar site for uploading photo's for letting me know what part of the sky etc is on my photo's,a great site.
  10. Hi one and all,sometime ago I was told to use the Curves etc for looking up my photo's where one moves the wire type devise for showing what is in a photo,I cannot remember where it was,was it something to do with Astrometry ? webb site,does anyone have a idea as to what I mean,Thanks Kayce,
  11. Put's my Latest moon photo,dull. great. Kayce.
  12. Thanks for your comment's,I have the 2x 1.25 Barlow which came with the SkyWatcher 127,very confusing looking at all the different lenses can you recommend a suitable one ? Thanks..
  13. I am thinking could this poor photo taken at 8pm Monday have been Saturn,bright object close to where the Moon was ?.
  14. The best clear sky for some time,skywatcher 127,with Nikon attached,quite pleased with photo,would I get much better photo's using different setup,eye pieces etc ? . setting's were 1/100, Iso 160. How do I get a larger Mars ? setting's were 1/80 sec, ISO 160.
  15. Is this Photo okay or not,setting's at 1/50sec F/6.3 400mm ISO 1600. like to think it is perhaps zoomed in was overdone ?.
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