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  1. I RTFM'd Siril and got this out of it! Guess I need more tea in the mornings
  2. Ah I was only preprocessing in Siril, I found a tutorial and got an image! I feel so stupid! NGC 1499 is the target My slow DSL is taking ages to upload the image to google drive, I'll post it once its done
  3. Here is my setup. William optics ZS61 MK1 HEQ5 Pro with rowan belts 50mm guide scope Astronomik L2 UV+IR Blocking Luminance Filter ZWO ASI183MC main camera ZWO ASI120 Guide scope ZWO ASI Air mini ZWO EAF I align it all successfully according to the processes in the ZWO ASIAIR app, pick a target and capture what I can, I get 50-60 5 minute exposures depending on the night sounds ideal but other than Orion nebula or andromeda I get nothing out of DSS or Siril stacking, I've a few dark and bias frames to chuck in too Do I need ot be more ruthless with selecting which images to include?
  4. Thanks for the excellent explanation I am closer to understanding it. I'm just getting started with image processing so it could be I ruined the image in post!
  5. This is my set up HEQ5 pro William optics ZS61 MK1 ZWO ASI183MC ZWO ASI120MM-C guide cam 50mm astro essentials guide scope ASIAIR mini I know it's summer but I think I can do better than attached. I've read I should get a filter, is this the case if so is the astronomik L2 UV/IR cut filter 1.25" the right one?
  6. The rice thing is a myth by the way, it doesn't do anything, saw it on QI The best thing is to not rush the drying out leave them in a warm place for a few days
  7. Stumbled across this thread via a Facebook share, will be doing this over summer, odd thing is I live in Todmorden!
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