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  1. Stumbled across this thread via a Facebook share, will be doing this over summer, odd thing is I live in Todmorden!
  2. This is my tripod http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/uncategorized/giottos-mtl-9351b-tripod-mh5001-3-way-head-16858
  3. Ah will try it with a diagonal, I have one of those. as for the S.A I am using the L bracket and counterweight I think my tripod is just wobbly! Also my camera is 800g without a lens too
  4. Morning folks, I got a William Optics ZS61 recently (well in January but the weather has not been kind) so on my first outing I took my camera as well as some eye pieces as I read it was ok for visual. Try as I might I could not achieve focus with any eye piece I had or with a barlow attached either. Is it possible and I was doing it wrong or should I stick to imaging? Which leads me nicely on to a sensible but reasonaby priced mount for it. I have a Star Adventurer and the ZS61 mounted on my medium duty tripod, along with my DSLR it didnt really like it, any recommendations on a sensible but portable mount, I tend to bung it in my campervan and find a nice dark layby to do my astro Thanks
  5. I think I do need the adaptor in link. It's really difficult to photograph or make a video to illustrate the thread sises
  6. So I finally got them together, I grab my camera and the T2 adaptor I have for it but the flattener doesn't fit. The Threads are the same size and dont go inside each other. I have a pentax camera and this ring https://www.365astronomy.com/T-Ring-T2-Lens-Adapter-Adjustment-Ring-for-PENTAX-dSLRs.html , do I just need this? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/flo-m48-to-t2-adapter.html
  7. Hi, Just received my shiny new ZS61 and the flattener. I have no idea how to join them together. Anyone got a manual or guide? cant find one with google Dean
  8. ok, thanks for the info guys. I guess I will save my cash until I can get a better mount with more than one motor!
  9. Morning folks, As per subject really, is it worth auto guiding my star adventurer, I did lose about half my frames from this weekends activities. I will eventually go for a ZS61 but for now I will stick with my Pentax K5. If auto guiding is the future, can I modify a webcam I found in a drawer, its a decent logitech one
  10. So I went to an observatory, The Rosse Observatory in Pontefract, met a group of nice folk who showed me polar alignment. Although I was not perfect ( I now know I need to work on this after looking at my images ) I produced this image 20 x 20 second subs, ISO 1600 F3.5 135mm on a Pentax K-5 all mounted on my star adventurer Took me a good 3 hours to get a decent image, I had some other subs pointing at Andromeda galaxy but they didn't come out as well
  11. That's one cheesy video but very informative. Will finish it later at home
  12. Cheers @rl I'll watch that as soon as my boss is away from his desk
  13. My van set up is pretty flexible so could move stuff in and out as needed. I also have a Fuji XM-1 camera, nothing fancy but lightweight, mirrorless and full manual controls....just having moved house 4 times in 12 months I have yet to find its charger! Some research is needed, I think you can use the pentax with a PC but not sure about the Fuji
  14. I have no idea about the cluster stars! Still quite new to this! Portable ideally as we have a camper van and take the telescope and camera gear with us. Speaking of which the image I posted was taken just with the camera, no telescope, on the SA (cropped the image to the interesting parts) I like the look of the ZS61 on the SA together with a Canon camera. Its at a reasonable price too, which is rare in astronomy! together with kit my processing needs work as I learn how to do it I guess that will improve. Just to check a ZS61 will work on a SA, looking at a review of the ZS61 it was used on a similar thing to the SA with similar specs
  15. Morning folks, I've been taking photos for years and have a love of all things astro. It's only recently however that both have sparked an urge to join them together and do something spectacular. My current set up is as follows SW Star adventurer on my Giotto tripod Pentax K-5 DSLR 135mm f3.5 Prime lens I have a couple of telescopes too but have difficulty taking photos using them. SW 200P "dobby" Old Celestron 130 goto something or other SW 4" Refractor (not sure of model as it's my fiances) My question is this. Should I invest in the SW 80ED + HEQ5 mount and get it over with? is it inevitable I will end up with that solution, can I put the 80ED on the Star Adventurer as it is rated to move 5kg, my camera + lens is about 1kg? My last image is attached, I'm just getting in to processing them, currently sticking to what I know in Lightroom but have a trial of PixInsight
  16. Hi Guys, I obviously removed the extension tube, I know I'm new to this but not that new I'll give the barlow a try before I start modding my telescope. I got the image below by holding the camera with one hand and pressing the shutter with the other, this is mainly noise but the best image I have so far!
  17. Evening all, First post, *waves from Todmorden* I have a Skywatcher 200p Dobsonian and a t-mount adapter for my APSC sensor camera (mirrorless Fuji X-M1) but I am unable to achieve focus. There is an extension tube but the focus needs to be closer not further away, what am I doing wrong? Thanks Dean
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