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  1. Not sure how I go about this as not used this section before,apologies if not correctly done
  2. Hello,am looking to sell my Celestron Nexstar 8 Evolution telescope complete set up as am just doing solar now so am not using to its full potential,it is in mint condition and fully functioning,includes a Williams optics 1.25 Dura Bright dielectric diagonal,Baader click lock ,Celestron f6.3 focal reducer and Astrozap flexible dew shield,kept in hard plastic carrying boxes(included) from a smoke free enviroment and stored in damp free storage,it was purchased new in January 2017 Looking for £750 ono,this model is £1980 to buy new at the moment of writing so I think its a very reasonable asking price,will need to be collected from Edgworth near Bolton or will meet halfway for exchange
  3. thanks for that Peter,not used Firecapture much but will give it a try and see what results I get,thanks again for taking the time to reply Tony
  4. hello Peter,sorry I didnt reply earlier but not been well over last couple of days,the capture was with a ZWO174mm camera using a Lunt 60 PT BF1200 and using Sharcap Tony
  5. Hello Hughsie,thanks and that is exactly how i,m doing it yes so would be very grateful for any help/advice. Tony
  6. Hello everyone,once again absolute splendid images been posted yesterday and today and once again I am posting my own humble offering,know I have a lot of work to do on getting the exposure right over the entire disc but it is good fun trying to get things right and always receive encouraging responses from you guys
  7. As always absolutely magnificent images,gives me something to aspire to Tony
  8. Hello everyone Just adding a couple of my own to the terrific images posted today after a glorious day of beautiful spring sunshine,does anyone have any advice when using false colour in Gimp as I always make a pigs ear of it whenever I attempt it,its more for when I attempt to do overlaying of a disc onto flares to get a colour image. Thanks Tony
  9. Hello all looks like this will be the last sight of the magnificent sunspot that has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks and the weather has been so good to us "up north ",have loaded a couple of images but on a couple I have managed to get a couple of smudges but dont know where from,there were some terrific proms as well but havent processed them as yet and have still to learn how to do them properly yet anyway Happy Easter everyone and clear sky for the full moon tonight?
  10. Thank you Dave,yes we have been really lucky for last week or so,hope you get some clear skies soon?
  11. thanks David and good luck in capturing a good image soon
  12. Hello everyone Really thought I had caught some good images today that is until I started processing them,just didnt seem to live up to what I thought but I cant grumble as its been terrific weather lately to be able to tinker with things knowing that the sun is going to be out for the best part of the day and hopefully will get better at imaging
  13. splendid images there Michael,going out myself shortly and see what I can get Tony
  14. Thats a really nice image Pete,I cant seem to get adding colour to look right but thats nice Tony
  15. Fantastic images,agree with Pete about the white light ones,stunning Tony
  16. Really like the Calcium K shot ? Tony
  17. Hello everyone,just managed to get a fairly decent capture mid afternoon today as was a day of lots of passing cloud with a bit of a nippy wind so was very pleased to be able to track the spot again,been so lucky with the weather up this way this past week,beautiful sunny days with very little wind,really good conditions to be able to try out different settings with software and equipment without having to panic and get something before it all goes behind the clouds for days on end. Used Lunt ls60 pt bf1200 and ZWO174mm mono camera with Hyperion barlow.
  18. Thanks for that,I see what you mean and understand,thank you Tony
  19. hello Another fantastic day for solar imaging here,sorry if it hasnt been where you are>have posted two images,one using a ZWO120 MC colour camera and the other taken with a ZWO174MM mono camera,both taken in the same scope i.e. Lunt 60mm PT BF1200 but yet the colour image shows the spot at top right but the mono shows bottom left,they were orientated the same way in the diagonal,probably missing something blatantly obvious to someone who knows what they are talking about but am a bit of a numpty in this department.
  20. Sorry forgot to put that I use a ZWO174 mono camera
  21. Hello there and thanks for your replies,in answer to the one from Rusted,the scope is a Lunt LS60 PT BF1200 and captured using Sharpcap,processed first in AutoStakkert then finalised in Registax. Secondly in reply to Macavity im really pleased that you pointed that out as was curious why it was that it always seems to be same side of my images that seem overexposed,what you have said makes a lot of sense and will look to trying out using your advice so thank you both again. Tony
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