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  1. I had similar frustrations. My main issue was failing to get good polar alignment, it took me ages. I invested in a polemaster to use with my Heq5 pro mount and what a difference. I can set up PA accurately within 10 mins. It has changed my outlook on the hobby. It’s expensive but it’s been a brilliant investment for me.
  2. Polemaster for my HEQ5 mount from Santa. Can’t wait for clear skies to try out
  3. Sounds like you got a good result with the cleaning process. Hope you get some good opportunities to revisit some earlier targets for comparison. It would be good to read about, or even see comparative images. Dark Skies.
  4. Thanks all for your help. I think the autoguiding option with sharpcap in the mix is the way ahead for me. Let's see what Santa brings ??
  5. That's part of the problem. I'm not that confident I'm getting good alignment.
  6. Hi all, I am new to astrophotography and am stil! looking to build up my equipment. I have an HEQ5 Pro to go mount and 200pcs Skywatcher OTA. I want to primarily focus on DSO,s (pardon the pun) I am thinking about my next purchase and am torn between a postmaster for accurate alignment or a guidescope. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best regards Neil
  7. This is starting to make sense now, thanks for all your help. Having now also watched the video on the link I can see how it is used . Thanks again to all who responded
  8. I purchased a second hand Skywatcher 150 Newtonian and it came with a 37.5 mm. tube with 2 grub screws in it.. As a complete newbie I don’t know what this is for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Best regards Neil
  9. Hi welcome, wishing you clear skies
  10. Thanks all for your valuable advice. I think on balance I will! pay the extra for the PDS. Thanks for the help
  11. Hi all I am very new to astrophotography and am thinking of buying a Skywatcher 150P to use with my canon 700D camera. However I have heard that there may be difficulties focussing this combination, Any advice would be great!y appreciated
  12. Hi all thanks for your help. It makes sense that the DS is dual speed. I think that's what I will go for. thanks again
  13. I am new to astronomy, and have done a bit of research into which telescope I should purchase. I think the Skywatcher explorer 150 is suitable for my needs. But can anyone tell me what is the difference between the 150P, and the 150PDS
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