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  1. Skysafari on an iPad with its 10" screen, wireless to the mount has got to be the best and easiest way for novices. Very simple and intuitive... like a point and shoot camera,
  2. As long as we all make sure to get some content on there quickly it should be great. Rusty strings should start a homebuild section off with detailed instructions/plans (and labour charges ) for his dob base.
  3. Great night. Good food and good company.
  4. Not long now to turkey...and typical skys clear over holbrook
  5. Bobs Knobs for the 200p primary (slightly concerned that the metal plate on the back now doesn't fit...time to get busy with the dremmel)
  6. Done, with sensible comments... trying not to sound like a normal person rather than an Eco-warrior, criminal or one of those astronomy weirdos
  7. Great night. Big thanks to Brantuk for letting me use his Altair (great piece of kit!) and yes I was very impressed by the alignment! Going to give that a try, its a lot faster than polar scopes etc! Thanks to everyone, I think I managed to see more on Sat night than I did the whole of last year...Comet, Doubles, GRS, messiers x 10 (Inc M13 or as it is now know "just a blob" Nice to check out some of the Dobs there, Martyns 300 flex tube is a perfect size to use and Johns homemade mount for the 200p is a work of art!
  8. John, you could always do a talk on your homemade dob mount for the 200p
  9. There was a 15 seconds piece on the local news yesterday, about how derbyshire is thinking about dimming etc to save money... fingers crossed...
  10. Just got this for my iPad...it's very well done and has a lot of info. Time will tell if it's accurate.
  11. Fantastic...thanks (and let us know when they are in )
  12. Welcome to the forum. Some good advice from Baz senior too
  13. Welcome, and I hope the sky clears soon for you!!
  14. As per Glider & Russ above ^^^^, please can you tell me this focuser does not require the central hole cut larger on older Explorer models.
  15. Welcome Tomys, If I remember correctly the back side of HK island was a LOT darker than the harbour (but this was 10 years ago...). looking south? over the sea was the best.
  16. Hope everything goes to plan and your mum loves it...my mother-in-law was amazed and stayed out with me for an hour in the cold the first time i showed her saturn
  17. Bryndalf

    New Member

    Welcome to SGL, have fun!
  18. Im starting to think my worst astro purchase was my house...need to buy one further away from light polution and further south. My Tasco refractor is totally rubbish...but it did get me started so cant fault it for that
  19. You will never stop the "glow" unless the light is removed. To stop the Direct light Ive started to put objects in the way (in my case a tree and a giant buddleia plant. A pole with a shield will do the job although not as asthetically pleasing (obv the closer you are to the offending light the taller and bigger the defense). You can only place items blocking the light within your boundarys, also remember that tampering with the light itself is criminal damage...so dont get caught!
  20. Its funny, my wifes pregnant and we get huge amounts of advise on what NOT to buy for the baby (E.g. bottle warmers when a jug and hot water will do) There are loads of threads on Astro things we have all bought and loved, but what have you purchased and then wished you hadn't... Ive got the purchasing bug and dont want to buy stuff that will never get used
  21. Welcome, couple of great looking scopes you've made.
  22. Im sure there are a few websites that sell that type of stuff. There was one in an astronomy magazine a few months ago that had a framed collection of 3 different types of meteorite...only prob was that it was £££ Great present though, well done that Girl!
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