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  1. Hi Everyone

    just a quick update on Home Observatories  - They are still in business and erecting Observatories - in fact they have recently built one in Anglesey, North Wales this year. Gareth said he was slightly Dyslexic and not the best communicator.

    I have been talking to Gareth quite a few times now since Nathan no longer works for Home observatories.

    The shed was due to be erected last Sunday and was all ready to go until Gareth seen that there was no concrete  plinth.

    We had not planned to use a concrete plinth and pier just a Tripod Telescope -but Nathan never communicated this to Gareth

    However Gareth has designed the floor with  a 2ft x 2ft concrete plinth in mind, 26 inches deep and about 3 inches off the ground.

    We decided to dig the hole and make the plinth, after which Gareth would come back and finish the building so I imagine about 2-3 weeks time.

    We paid our deposit in August 2020 and did not recieve communication from them for a long time.

    They have had quite a few personal problems and business problems, as they are a micro business and with Nathan not working with them found it difficult.

    They have now seemingly got back on track and are doing their best with the backlog.

    Gareth and his new work mate are genuine people and they could not apologize enough.

    I suppose that patience is a virtue in this case, but you need a lot of it  - after the time scales involved. I am hoping that he may have started work on the next person on the list which presumably is anyone who put their deposit down soon after mid August 2020?

    I apolgise for the late posts on this  - I have been busy renovating my home but will keep doing updates on this post.




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