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  1. Well, I think you've made some sound decisions there and very much doubt if you'll be dissapionted with them!! I still wish i'd kept my Panaview 32mm even now i've got the Aero - I think it was the 'big wide' lens to look through that gave it something special!! Just need a break in the weather now eh!! Doc
  2. Must fill case.......Can't resist.......! Yep, it is a bit of a whopper, but pleased with it so far! Doc
  3. Right that's it, no more changes for a while ;-).....Hmmm!
  4. The link Cantab shows the size of the 200P on an EQ5. The tube along with the finder probably comes in at 7 to 8 Kgs (ish!). The EQ5 is about 24 Kg all set up. This was my first scope and although ive since built a dobsonion mount for it it is still my main scope, it is very good for the money! The Skyliner Dob is probably even better for a beginner seeing as it is slightly longer in the tube and f6 instead of f5, so slightly more forgiving on eyepieces. I still use my EQ5 to hold up my Tal 100RS - a very good match up!! Doc
  5. That's got to be worth £2.59!! Thanks for the tip! Doc
  6. I have the Meade 5000 34mm SWA, which I use in my 200P and it gives fantastic wide field views! Yep, the exit pupil size is a little large at 6.9mm, but, it works for my eyes and I think it is a superb eyepiece. I probably don't use it as much as I could becouse it is the only 2" ep I have at the moment and sometimes im just too lazy to change the focusser adapter :-) i think the only other ep I would change it for would be the big daddy that is the 31mm Nagler - may need to win lotto first mind you!! Doc
  7. That's what I was trying to say, thanks Steve! Doc
  8. Have to agree with Moonshane here, if you do as he said "Just enjoy the forum and become part of the community" it soon becomes clear that just that in itself is the most rewarding thing - the buy and sell section is just a convienient bonus to be able to use now and then. BTW in the few deals ive done in my time as a member ive met some fantastic people who are straight as a die and the kit involved has been very well looked after, you'll find that nearly all genuine amateur astronomers do really look after their kit very well and simply do not try and fleece other members - they'd soon be found out I reckon!! Doc
  9. This is why sites like this are so good, as there is so much good advice for all levels of astromomer to be found within!! I have made some expensive purchases in the last few years that I really shouldn't of, but I think i'm in a place, equipment wise, that now suits my own level...........Well, until I change my mind again that is :-) It is so easy to become a little obsessed with all the gear and forget about actually using it!! I know clouds and bad seeing conditions don't help. I have been guilty of this - the Skymax Pro 180 that I used once in a year being a prime example!! That scope has now gone to a good home with someone who is using it to it's full potential! I even found myself with an Ethos 13mm eyepiece, which was wonderful to use I must say, but, actually way over the top for the amount of times I actually got out to use it- I actually found it a little too large and awkward to use in my scopes to be honest, but the views where awsome!! That too has had move on to someone who will use it more than I. Must say I think my little Naglers are just the job for me now, stunning views, when conditions are good, but also nice and small and easy to swap in and out of the scopes! Have I waffled on a bit here? Sorry....:-) Doc
  10. Hi, have a look at this thread as it is also about eyepieces for the 200P: There is some good advice in there, including someone who points out that the eyepieces that come with these scopes are not that bad to start off with, espescially the 25mm. I used to own a Panaview 32mm and it was wonderful in my 200P, it only got sold becouse I was seduced by the upgrade path!! I would recommend one, if you can get hold of one - they seem in short supply at the moment! An alternative, maybe even slightly better, would be a SkyWatcher Aero 30mm. The Baader zoom you mention gets rave reviews on here, i've not used one, but I guess it would be good to use in the 200P. It's always a good idea to try and find a local astro club and try out some eyepieces in your scope before buying, as we are all slightly different in what we prefer in eyepieces! I've not met anyone as yet who seems completely happy with thier eyepiece collection and there are loads to choose from, but it's all part of the fun!! Doc
  11. Umm.... Yes rather expensive that one seeing as Teleskop-Express are selling them for about £585.00 at the moment! (as £1 = 1.24 Euros at the moment). Doc
  12. The feed from the University of New Mexico is looking great at the moment on http://events.slooh.com/ Doc
  13. It's also on 'Slooh' http://events.slooh.com/ No idea if this'll work on an iphone mind you! Doc
  14. Nice looking Ethos 13mm there Colin!! Had a chance to use it yet? I have bought two Naglers since passing the Ethos on to you......So much for saving money eh?....! Doc
  15. Thanks Spaceboy! Just saved about £70 on a Nagler 11mm T6 too!! Doc
  16. That was my Ethos....sniff! Just needed the money at the moment! I will be looking out for a Nagler 13mm (a more realistic eyepiece for me at the moment!) soon to try and 'nearly' fill the void in my set. It's gone to another SGLer (well, I think he is) for what I consider a fair price compared to what I actually paid for it new a couple of years ago - not the mad new prices! I have to be realistic at the moment as work has dried up a bit and becouse the Ethos just wasn't getting used as much as it should (bit of a crime!) it had to find a new home - I think its new owner will be using it a great deal! Ho Hum Doc
  17. Hehe! Again I agree, the 32mm GSO / Revelation is great in this Tal. I bought a second hand set of the Revelations from fleabay and along with the two Tal ep's that came with the scope I think I have a nice little set up for not a lot of money! Doc
  18. Hi Rob, I use my 100RS on an standard EQ5 like a few others and it works really well for me! Very stable and with the addition of extension cables on the control knobs it is easy to track viewing targets. Not difficult to move about and, once you are used to it, quite fast to put up and put away. Fantastic scope too! Doc
  19. +1 for the Tal barlows, great value for money! Doc
  20. Hi Adam, I put a Moonlite CR2 (FLO have them) on my 200P, which I can thoroughly recommend. Mind you it did cost more than the actual tube, gulp! The SkyWatcher dual speed Crayford would probably be the way to go being sensible! Doc
  21. I found this one too...........Sheesh!! eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Doc
  22. I have the Revelation kit too and the eps do seem to work fine in a 200P, better still in the Tal 100RS. I have swapped out he x2 barlow for a Tal x2 barlow and added the two Tal eps that came with the 100RS (25 & 6.3mm plossls) to make quite a good little set in my humble opinion. Great to use when out showing others the scopes and not wanting to use my more expensive eps for fear of damage or loss, eekk!! Doc
  23. It looks very nice, good luck Mat! Doc
  24. Hello Pikey and welcome from me too! Have a look at the site sponsors website FLO (link at top of page), as they stock EQ mounts and tube rings! Mind you I went the other way with my 200P, I put it on a homemade dobsonian mount! Doc
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