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  1. Hi yes you can do reset if you go into menu and look through I can't remember where exactly it is I think it's in functions it say factory settings just press enter will reset handset
  2. The sun was just a quickie to see if filter was ok and ready for Monday ?????
  3. Ha ha ye I could talk all night about who's out there after seeing the amount off stuff out there be arrogant to think we're alone I've just managed to purchase a laptop today so I can process my images so hopefully I'll be postings some pics I got my solar filter the other day seen our star for the first time not processed and dust on my Barlow I've added the colour was white got one sunspot right hand side Jupiter there . Now I've got laptop I'll be able to process them properly but I'm really getting fun out of this new hobby and I'm definitely learning and I'm in amazement with some pics on here truly stunning
  4. I must say the situation you describe I find myself in now after a major health diagnosis and being interested in astronomy for years I decided to dive in .Ive been star gazing for about 5 months now just started take taking pics and feeling rather stressed trying to take all the information in about settings timings exposures never even had a camera before this year not a decent one anyway .I am amazed with the place I live and the things I've seen with my own eyes through my telescope and especially the pics on here to think when I'm looking at andromeda through my telescope there might be some one like me who's just got a telescope looking at the Milky Way blows my mind.The support and help I've been given on here is truly inspirational anyway I just though I'd share my story to help other people who might be just starting out and feeling overwhelmed when you start to keep going the reward is more than worth it thanks for listening
  5. I've got 1200 d you can alter it on that one if you go in video mode then press menu you get exposure press that gives you choice set manually or auto .If you check manual then you can alter that in the menu that comes up when you press q like Nigel was saying .Is the 1100 different ?
  6. I've just got what you mean now but cutting 1/4 inch of tube I thought it was the silver tube I realise you mean of the black tube going in the scope lol it's lot easier when the scopes in front of me .Send me a pm when your about to arrange this cheers for this as well
  7. Alright nige ye I've just checked my scope I know what you mean now I wouldn't have anything to knock that up but I'll take you up on that offer if you let me know how much it will cost Defoe up for that Thoe . That would mean me just take 1/4 inch of my focus tube that's right ain't it ? I was was thinking about a way round that problem as I couldn't think what I could use what do you think would happen if I took 1/4 inch of focus tube but also the length of the knuckle of the eye piece holder then I wouldn't need the plastic adaption then or do you think that would be to much to take of the focus tube
  8. I think I'm getting it now I don't have a back garden to go to so have to travel couple miles to dark site so as a result I keep scope and everything in my car so after I've been out tonight I'll bring scope back indoors so I can have a proper look at it tomorrow work out what I need to do .Now I realise why some my pics ain't looked great it's because I was using Barlow 2x which was ok for short exposures but no good for longer .Cheers for the knowledge I feel stupid now ha ha my excuse I haven't been doing it 6 months yet
  9. Cheers Kat so I'd use the t mount instead of making the one nige did ? So I could buy that reduce my focus tube by 1/4 inch take eye piece holder of I can reach focus .I thinks that's right ?? Cheers for the help nige Kat ??
  10. Sorry about some words been changed trying means t ring dam iPad
  11. If I use your method take 3 1/4" of focuses tube will I need to adapt my t ring with the same plastic ring you made ? What does the new plastic ring do ? I understand getting the camera closer to achieve focus im going out tonight hopefully if I attach my trying to my 1200d do I just attach that straight to the focus tube ? I was using my Barlow with and with out the lens fitted at the end but always with the Barlow tube attached and slid into the focuses tube lol but now I'm thinking I'm having a stupid moment ha ha so I can fix my camera straight on my scope with just the t ring no Barlow tube ?? Ha ha ha is my thinking right there nige ?? I got got some pics of space station the other day well chuffed with em even Thoe I can't process them I'm same as you been great fun learning seeing things dont laugh lol
  12. I use a Barlow when taking my pics I'm new to this myself not really sure how to use my camera as prime like I hear other people saying I use my Barlow attached to my tiring attached to camera then scope but haven't worked out how to attach camera with out Barlow .Ive tried using the 2x Barlow with out the lens attached but couldn't reach focus , does the mean I need an extension or am I just being stupid here any advice be warmly received ?
  13. Hi nige seen some of your pics very nice I too am very new to astronomy AP I believe you've got the same set up as me I've got sky watcher 150 p azt/alt mount with a canon 1200d .Am I correct is this the same as yours ? alas I'm lacking a laptop to process my pics at the moment what I wanted to ask was I use t thread with a 2x Barlow do you use a Barlow or just prime how do you attach your canon to scope ?? I've only got iPad so can't process pics so not taking lots like people are saying just take single shots play about with them in photo shop but I'm loving some of the pics I've seen on here really amazing . heres one of mine don't laugh singe shot
  14. Cheers for your reply ye sorry about dead link I think I'm gonna get the heq5 mount just wanted to make sure I can still use my scope .My scope I believe is 150 MM. I've checked the rings nearest to that size is 160 MM would they be the right size would they be 10 MM over ? and the bracket that's on my scope that fixes the scope to alt/az I take it I just remove that cheers for that I understand now I've emailed FLO just wanted to check with people on here if I could still use that particular scope thank you
  15. Cheers for your reply ye sorry about dead link I think I'm gonna get the heq5 mount just wanted to make sure I can still use my scope .My scope I believe is 150 MM. I've checked the rings nearest to that size is 160 MM would they be the right size would they be 10 MM over ? and the bracket that's on my scope that fixes the scope to alt/az I take it I just remove that
  16. Hi guys I'm a novice with astronomy this is my first year with a scope after many years of prevarication I bought myself a sky watcher 150 p alt/az goto .After a couple moths viewing and having great fun I would like to start taking pics so I need a eq mount I've bought and read the book making every photon count , I would like to keep my scope upgrade my mount I've seen this mount http://www.firstlightoptics.com/clearance_skywatcher-neq6-pro-synscan_51426.html?utm_source=sgl&utm_medium=sponsor_thread&utm_content=CLR-527&utm_campaign=SGL%20Clearance%20rel= My question can I keep the scope and buy some rings attach my scope to new eq mount using those rings .Ive checked FLO they have rings but I don't get there sizes they don't seem to have rings for 150 they have 140 and I think 160 so bit confused as to the size and what do I fix to the rings to fix scope in puck is that some kind of plate . Thanks in in advance for any help offered I've had help already from some helpful members which I thank again ps the reason for the quite expensive mount is I'm intending the buy 8" later on
  17. So do you want a picture of Jupiter or video ?? If you just want a good photo I'd use your 1200 with a low Iso that will pic out more detail then use higher iso to pick moons up then use software to stack images then your get the detail on Jupiter aswell as the moons .I got some OK pics of Jupiter last night If you want video your gonna need to be able to use software to lose the glare pick detail up if that's not good your need specialist ccd camera but I think if you take a load of pics doff iso and exposure use software your get decent pics I've managed to pick detail up like the bands just need right software to get best image I even got pics of Saturn with its rings lol really proud that one
  18. I've got loads more pics of things I've been having great fun with camera and scope you need remote switch for best results but I'm sure your have fun learning I know I am and when you get a picture of a galaxy that's millions of miles away it's truly amazing I've got few pics of Jupiter with its moons needs stacking and processing there's a good book to get as well called make every photon count it's mentioned all over here have fun used to come up to Mansfield all the time when I was younger
  19. you need iso lower I put mine as low as 200 if you've got processing software if you can stack a few you should get some nice details
  20. Yes it's not a bad little camera for the money I've just started taking some pics through telescope got some nice pics (well I think there nice ) I've only got a iPad at moment so can't do any processing or stacking so as soon as I've got new laptop here's a pic of ring nebula straight out of camera no processing
  21. I have exact same camera as you do you have an iPhone iPad ?? If you do go on to the apps put canon 1200d there's an app there should be one for android as well it tells you all about your camera and has a manual inside https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/canon-eos-1200d-companion/id813619666?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.canon.eoscompanion&hl=en_GB theres the link for the apps in Google and Apple the function your talking about is for live view only lower your iso when you take pics of Jupiter to pick detail up get rid of the glare hope this helps I've got the apple app and it's very detailed
  22. Hi guys cheers for replys I thought about the moon but it's not out till 2-30 so was hoping to get Jupiter in few pics then slowly progress I've ordered make every photon count . I suppose I'll just have to struggle on see if I can get it hope I can after some practice seen some amazing pics on here Friday's next clear night I'll go out then I'm gonna take my camera tripod if I can get any pics through my telescope I can try with just my camera shame I can't use my iPad as a screen
  23. I'm brand new to astronomy I've had my telescope roughly a month now really enjoying myself viewing all the things there are to see .I now want to start taking few pics through my telescope I set everything up last night clear sky's but what ever I tried I couldn't get Jupiter in my live view on my cam it was in the centre of my 25 mm lens but every time I took the lens out attached camera I was just met with black screen .Im here asking if I'm doing something wrong I took my scope out today after watching you tube about attaching camera to my scope , I managed to get a electric pylon in my lens swapped it attached camera worked out its in focus 3 half turns from fully in so I had it in my live view on my cam .So just asking if there's anything I'm missing at night time my equipment is a skywatcher 150 p goto alt/azm mount with a canon 1200d using a Barlow lens cheers for the help
  24. Hi I get the exact same message on my synscan after alignment it doesn't seem to affect my scope in anyway I've contacted the place where I got it from they said they haven't come across message before.They are contacting manufacturer they said they would email me as soon as they hear I know this don't answer your question but as far as I can see it hasn't affected my scope.
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