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  1. Going to the bank today to cash the 8 cheques (and 1 Paypal) that I have received over Christmas.

    2 cheques still outstanding in the post, waiting to see if they arrive this am before going to the bank.

    Will contact land owner again re draft letter. He wasn't sure whether I would get it before now anyway. I think we should meet up and you all see it before I send off the cheque with our signed copy.

    Waiting to hear back from FAS re insurance cover schedule and where to send the money.

    At the moment as it is mainly waiting to hear from other people out of my control. Plus, this all kicked off just before or during the Christmas holiday. Still, everyone is back at work now!

    Next week J28 M1 sounds fair.

  2. Group (<21 people) membership of FAS plus insurance cover is between £42 and 54 (depending on if we get in for a discount quick enough). Basically £5'ish each or another 2 people.

    Awaiting copy of schedule to confirm;

    ...If your scope falls on someone you are covered.

    ...If someone knocks your scope over you are covered.

  3. First cheque just arrived by hand this morning.

    Doc has posted some sat pics of the field.

    You can see the hard standing and the gate off the lane that we are talking about.

    Whether it's 'dark' enough is, as we said in the meeting, open to interpretation but the concensus seems to be for £25 it has other pro's which make it worth a years trial.

    I'll hang onto the cheques until I get 10, then cash them to pay the field. Do you want another meeting before money actually changes hands to see the excahnge of letters wording for yourselves?

    Any other cheques I will do similar until the next meeting when you can decide whether to hold the money in a fund, use it to book halls, divy it up so we all pay less for the field, whatever, it's up to you.

    I'll look at some sort of credit card sized laminated 'membership' card for those that have paid.

    If nothing else, it's your receipt for your money.

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