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  1. Thanks. So the serial connection is going into the mount? Not into the handcontroller? I was thinking the serial connector was for the pc and the phone jack end to go into the controller. My laptop and pc do not have connections for a serial port. TC
  2. I have not updated my firmware from 4.3.7. My pc and laptop do not have the serial pin connection. I only have usb. What type of cable do I need to connect from controller to pc or laptop then? TC
  3. My Synscan 4.37 controller is not allowing me to go past entering longitude. It keeps displaying my old coordinates and will allow me to change them. Your help is appreciated, please. I am using Atlas EQ-G Tango Charlie
  4. Greetings. Have not updated from 4.3.7. Thought I should mention. Issue 1 - When doing setup of alignment, I try to hit enter after putting in coordinates of Latitude, but it will not move to next step in the alignment process. Issue 2- When I earlier get to the 2 star alignment step, it gives me Vega, but the second star offering does not offer a choice of bright visible stars like Capella or Altair or Aldebaran? Issue 3- When it searches for Vega, the drive goes in the opposite direction of Vegas’ location. Issue 4- When I attempt to park the scope, it turns and stops at 40 degrees to the right of center. I was hoping someone could help with these issues. TC
  5. Has anyone found a carrier or harness to safely move around a heavy equatorial mount like an Atlas EQ-G?
  6. Wondering what others use to transport this heavy mount?
  7. Does anyone have easier or clearer directions in using the SYNSCAN V.4? I have this for my Orion Atlas Mount I want to use with a larger refractor. Thanks! TC
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have a Celestron Powertank running the mount. I guess I need to reread the directions. They are not the most palatable to read. TC
  9. Greetings~ Recently purchased an Explore Scientific AR152 Refractor and an Orion Atlas EQ-G Mount to handle the weight issues. So currently trying to understand how to use the mount and Synscan V4 handcontroller. Need assistance since I have yet to view anything due to alignment issues. Also possess the following for the scope : Meade 5000 82 degree eyepieces 8.8, 14, and 20 plus a 2X Barlow from Astrotech. Have replaced stock ES finderscope with an Orion 9 X 50 Clear View Finderscope. Below are my questions: 1. Does anyone have a clearer or more concise directions for doing alignment- manual is a little challenging? 2. When I put the scope in the Park position after having a Failed alignment it does not return to the initial starting position? I have the scope and mount leveled and pointed approximately north. So when parked it is pointed slightly right of original position started? 3. Trying to do one star alignment or 3 star and when I point to say Procyon - I let it skew and it actually will point in the opposite direction by 180 degrees? 4. Is there a way to add other stars to the V4 such as Arcturus? The list does not include this in the stars to use for alignment. So wrestling with just getting aligned is the final statement to make? Any assistance is appreciated for this novice beginner. TC
  10. Battle of the Filters. I was recently suggested to use a Neutral Density Minus Violet Filter for Chromatic Aberration versus Baader 495 or Baader Fringe Killer. My scope again is an Explore Scientific AR152 Achromatic Refractor F6.5. A number #8 Yellow was also suggested by another party. So which one would be used to minimize the violet but not reduce the image brightness/contrast? Thanks! TC
  11. i had an experienced astronomer of 40 years suggest for CA the following filter: neutral density minus violet filter?
  12. Thanks for responding. Yes I am referring to the AR152 f6.5 scope by Explore Scientific. TC
  13. Thanks so much for the detailed reply. Explore Scientific Customer Service also recommended the Baader 495 to help reduce CA when I inquired of them. TC
  14. Greetings! I just purchased an Explore Scientific AR152 Achromatic Refractor. I wanted to ask which filter works best for Chromatic Aberration? The Baader 495 Longpass or the Baader Fringe Killer? Thanks so much. I will be doing observing first but later in time I will get into imaging. T C
  15. Dear Star Gazers, I wanted to get opinions on this refractor marketed by Explore Scientific. I realize the mount is not up to speed to be used for imaging. I can get a better mount if I opt for delving into AP later. I wanted opinions on this scope. I know about the violet light which shows but I also read that a filter can address some of this aberration. So is this a decent scope to start out with? I liked the larger aperture. Thanks! T.C.
  16. Greetings! I appreciate the work seen on this site! I am entering the next stage from Binoculars to First Scope. But I am also 5-7 years from retirement so want to buy a scope that will service observation as well as doing AP. I am looking at an Orion 8 inch f3.9 Astrograph with either a CG5 or Orion Atlas Go To Mount. A few questions: 1. Are there Back Focus Issues with this scope? 2. Would I need a coma corrector or parracor? 3. Is collimation of this scope a bear to do each time? 4. Any other issues? Thanks! TC
  17. Dear StarLoungers, Trying to locate owners of this type of scope to see if they have had problems with Astrophotography? I realize the scope is heavier at about 26-27 lbs and over half the limit payload listed of 40 lbs. In the reviews I saw an issue with not being able to use barlows? Also read problem with doing AP and mirror had to be moved? Any one had problems or know any work arounds to the issues facing doing AP? Or- have you been successful? If so, with CCD or with digital SLR camera? Thanks! Thanks, TC
  18. Greetings! Have my sights on the following scope Orion Atlas 8 EQ-G GoTo Reflector Telescope F4.9 Newtonian. Not in the market for Televue lenses so looking at what are contenders to buy after these - such as Luminos or Meade 5000 Ultra Wide Angles. Any others on this level of quality to consider. I am approaching retirement in a few years so considering what to buy. Thanks ! http://www.telescope.com/Telescopes/Reflector-Telescopes/Reflector-Telescopes-with-GoTo-Mounts/Orion-Atlas-8-EQ-G-GoTo-Reflector-Telescope/pc/1/c/11/sc/343/p/24732.uts TC
  19. Dear Fellow Astronomers, Thanks for sharing your advice and expertise. I will wait and see. I am interested in lenses though that give me 82 degrees of AFOV. I am guessing that these are more like the Naglers I have read about whether it is a Celestron Luminos or a Meade 5000. Thank you so much for the help! TC
  20. Stepping Beyond, Thanks for the reply. You mentioned three other functions besides coma corrector. Was it the quality, versatility, and adapter you mentioned OR did you have other functions in mind? Very interested! Also - one question I had was do you need two Paracorrs - one for viewing and one for AP? Thanks!
  21. Greetings! In delving into the world of astronomy in prep for buying a 8" F4.9 Orion Newtonian, I understand that I will have to contend with the issue of COMA. Several Questions please: 1. Expense - Is the cost of a Paracorr worth it compared with buying another coma corrector from other vendors? 2. Compatibility- Are there compatability issues in using a Paracorr with say an Orion Newtonian? 3. Limitations - Are there any limitations in using a Paracorr with certain A. Eye Pieces, B. Barlows, or use of a camera or CCD? 4. Two Paracorrs - Do I need two separate Paracorr - one for visual and one for AP? TC
  22. Greetings! I am considering in this next year to purchase, with retirement coming, this newtonian as my one and only scope for viewing and possibly later for AP. I have heard that Newtonians have an issue with back focusing? Is this true of this model scope as well? Is there a work around it? Thanks! http://www.telescope.com/Telescopes/GoTo-Computerized-Telescopes/Orion-Atlas-8-EQ-G-GoTo-Reflector-Telescope/pc/-1/c/1/sc/15/p/24732.uts TC
  23. Greetings! In this next year I am considering this scope, with retirement coming, as my one and only scope to do viewing and possibly AP later. I have read that Newtonians have issues with Back Focusing and I wanted to know if this was true of this scope? Is there a way around this issue? Thanks! http://www.telescope.com/Telescopes/GoTo-Computerized-Telescopes/Orion-Atlas-8-EQ-G-GoTo-Reflector-Telescope/pc/-1/c/1/sc/15/p/24732.uts TC
  24. Dear StarGazers, Thanks for your input on this Astrograph question. I am presently looking at the following F4.7 10" scope since I am looking at retirement in the future- so one purchase of a scope. I know it is pushing the heavy side but I wanted more aperture with a decent mount. TC Orion Atlas 10 EQ-G GoTo Reflector Telescope
  25. I read up on the importance of good eyepieces and mount already. Can someone give me the positive and negatives on Astrograph Newtonians. such as the Orion 10-inch Newtonian Astrograph F 3.9 as a first telescope to use for lunar, planetary, DSOs, and astrophotography. Anyone own an Astrograph or are knowledgeable of this type of telescope? Thanks, TC
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