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  1. Hello and welcome to the lounge! Here in my area it's almost impossible to watch stars just with your eyes, unfortunately I don't have a telescope or binocular yet, but I'll figure out soon whether that helps more or not. (I'm pretty confident) Clear skies!
  2. Welcome to the lounge! It's just nice to have a forum with other people who share the same hobby. Clear skies
  3. Snowfall


    Welcome to the lounge! I actually planned to go for a stargazers trip once I have the possibility to and I pretty much think I'd start with England (I'm from Germany). So maybe one day we might meet up together as two amateurs Clear skies and a happy new year to you too!
  4. Hello there and a warm welcome to the lounge! I'm myself a beginner and I think a course like you took would actually help me even more to get into the topic. I might look around to find something similar here in my area. Clear skies!
  5. Thanks everyone for your nice welcomes and your advice! Well I absolutely did not think of that and I'm going to be a binocular, I think this definitely will help me to get into this hobby and help me to get a proper start. Also thank you very @Hitman for your advice, I think it definitely will be the best to find a group close by so I can meet up with them to explore the night sky. However as I said before in my start post, this has always been my wish - just to find a group of other stargazers to meet up with and go on a field trip and explore the night sky. I think I'm in the right community here, also thank you for your offer to help me out whenever I have questions! So, thank you for your warm welcome guys and have clear skies!
  6. Hello everybody and thank you for the warm welcome! Also, thank you very much for your helpful answers right away! I definitely will start to inform myself here via this forum and I might have some questions here and then if that's alright(?). Also @ Ro3bert, thank you for the book! I will look it up and plan to get it soon! I hope I'll keep in touch with you guys here and start with observing with your help and advice. And I want to apologise for my bad English though, I try my best here in the UK forum.
  7. Hello (or good evening/morning) everybody! I'm from Germany, currently 22 years old and joined the forum for a specific reason: I just want to start with stargazing. I unfortunately don't have the budget yet to buy equipment, but one of my biggest wishes in life is to be a part of a stargazer community. Maybe one day go on a trip with some other night-sky-lovers and watch the stars. I hope that through, or better with this forum my wish comes true one day. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! Nice regards, Snowfall
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