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  1. Thanks John. I shall check them out Andy
  2. Hey - I'm looking for a group or decent site near Aberdeen as I'm up working for the next few weeks. Did you have any luck finding somewhere? I use Harperrigg with csog when staying at home as well Andy
  3. Totally agree with lots of folk here. I was becoming frustrated with my 150p in my light polluted back garden in Edinburgh. I eas actually thinking of sacking it off until I went to dark skies with an astronomy group. It totally changed my perception of the hobby. I quickly bought an 8" and then a 12" dob so I have to travel for dark skies. It makes it all the more worth it. Hope you find a solution to your problem mate
  4. Hello Spaceboy - sent a wee pm regarding the ES 9mm over Regards Andy
  5. Hey Dazza - I've got the same scope. great, crisp views. Can I ask where you got the tube rings and what dimension they are? Regards Andy
  6. Hey Michael - would those rings be too small for an Equinox 80ed? Andy
  7. Fantastic thread folks. I've recently purchased a cheap wee 2nd hand pair of WO bv's. I attended Abernethy star party in October but could not achieve focus in either my 12" dob or SW Equinox 80ed. Due to work/weather constraints I have not been able to justify giving over limited observing time to troubleshooting the problem. Happy to say after reading through this thread I feel inspired to get it sorted. I wouldn't dream of chopping the tube and I am hoping to find quick, low cost fixes to the frac issue. As mentioned earlier I would be viewing solar system as an add on to cyclops rather than using BV's all the time. I liked the idea given previously of using them straight through the frac to at least get an idea if I like it or not. I shall report back with my results as soon as the next clear night comes along Regards Andy
  8. Aha - Thanks Uplooker
  9. Hey folks - any pitches left for this event? Who should I get in touch with? If you can point me in the right direction I would be most appreciative Andy
  10. Plus 1 for the reservoir - Joined Lorne and some of the CSOGers on many a night. The guys actually really helped me as I was becoming frustrated from trying to view in my back garden. Especially when hunting for objects and failing. If you get a chance check out my wee astro blog at As a relative newb myself you might find some of my mistakes useful to help you avoid making any. Hope to see you at The Rigg
  11. Ah - I think I may have read that elsewhere also - I shall go for this first as it seems to be the least money or hassle. I'll let you know how I get on with that Joeski
  12. Just had a look at the focus fix on FLO - Looks easy enough Fozzie - thanks again
  13. Brilliant info guys - thanks very much. I will get onto these and report back Andy
  14. Hi folks - I have a couple of questions I am looking for help and advice with. OK here goes : - Having a lot of trouble reaching focus on my Equinox 80ED and 12" SW truss dob with my WO Binoviewers. I have read a ton of different opinions online and have even read that people have cut off a couple of inches from their refractor tubes or moved mirrors in the newtonian - I really am not up for any of that though. So far I have used the 1.6 mini barlow supplied on both scopes but it didn't work. Would popping the Bino's straight into the frac focus tube work as it seems to be in-focus I am short on. Anyone tried and had success on either of these kinds of scopes? - On my Equinox there seems to be an issue where the focus tube just slides out completely if I have a 2" ep in it and it's pointing up toward the zenith or thereabouts. Is it normal to have to push the focus tube in at this angle as the focus adjustment does not work. It's fine when it is pointing lower but does not seem to "catch" when pointing up. Has anyone else encountered this and is there a quick fix for? I'm not very "handy" when it comes to these things but would give it a bash or send away to be fixed. Really interested to view some of the solar system objects through the Binos as I have read so many great things and would hate to sell them on due to not using them. Any help appreciated Andy