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  1. It isn't the potholes you need to worry about Eric, it's the barbarian hordes raping and pillaging up there
  2. Sorry Adam, I think between you and Vicky we have all the blame sorted for quite a while yet Kevin
  3. Not spotted any difference on my phone, did just notice that there is a "theme" drop down at the bottom of the page though to make it look even worse still
  4. We could always host our own WADAS forum using different software if it becomes too much of a chore
  5. I was in Sheffield earlier, certainly plenty of red lights around the kelham island area.
  6. That's more or less the area where I come from Eric, Malham cove is a fabulous place. When I still lived/worked up there I used to love getting jobs that way, anything out beyond Leyburn that involved driving through, and admiring, the scenery on the way to the job made me feel like James Herriot on his rounds! I particularly used to like it when it had snowed, even if the roads were a bit precarious! Kevin
  7. Adam - you need to have a serious talk with yourself and get your priorities sorted!
  8. Yeah, I'm liking it so far - certainly much better on the phone than previously.
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