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  1. You can pick them up from lots of places. I even picked up a couple from my work when they renewed the old ones. The local dump AKA recycling centre has loads, just ask nicely and you will get one.
  2. Now being reported on the BBC News Scotland website, Send in your vid, you could be famous
  3. If you have an old microwave oven you can salvage big round magnets which are similar in shape to the weight that Mark at Beaufort has posted. I use them for lots of things as they are very strong.
  4. A warm welcome from the frozen North
  5. Thanks for the info ,so a dimmable torch with a red filter for astronomy and green filter for when I am going out to the hills and will be map reading.
  6. Hi DazC, Shhh dont tell the missus, I have managed one hour so far, so an excellent return on my investment. Kenny
  7. Would you use it in a Polaris Submarine? ( I'll get my coat )
  8. Hi all, I have been looking at getting a torch for when my eyes are dark adapted. There was some discussion stating the merits of green light for very low level vision. Have any of you chaps used green filters instead of red on dark nights? cheers Kenny
  9. Hi there and well done. I have just done the same thing as you and it is a voyage of discovery ( weather dependant of course). have fun and clear skies. Kenny
  10. Hi Mark ( C7tsj) Thanks for the info on the bracket. Just looked at the initial info I gave and it does look as if I purchased the dob from FLO, It was actually bought from Telescope House as well. The only difference from the advertised spec is that it came with a 30mm 2" eyepiece. Kenny
  11. I managed to fit in an hour last night before cloud cover ruined things. I now realise that my dob comes with a 35mm extension tube No wonder I could not focus to start with. I still need to set up the finderscope and Telrad, so first light was all about seeing if everything worked. Which it eventually did. Will carry out the set up during the day tomorrow, and align everything up. This evening I did my first collimation, it was not out by much and all that was required was a tweak of the primary mirror. So all in all I am happy with the scope, and am itching to look at something I want to se
  12. Yup, flack coming my way big style. Fortunately already put scope in shed so it could have been much worse. As for the Revelation scope, it came with a 30mm superview instead of the 26mm advertised. Thats a win in my book. Not that I have been able to use it yet.
  13. Dob arrived this evening, built it quite quickly, but to no avail, cloudy sky , no first light yet.
  14. I ordered the S&T book from the Book Depository yesterday for £5.58 delivered. The price has since risen to £13 ish so it seems that it goes on offer only for a short time. If you are interested in the book but don't want to pay big bucks then your best bet is to keep an eye on that site for the price to drop again. Looking forward to using it once my scope arrives.
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