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  1. Thanks Luke! I am pretty proud of the footage we got! Easy to go wrong when flying the drone and you don't get a second chance! So I'm pleased you're forwarding to your friends and family. The Texas 2024 one will go up from Mexico to Canada; the Spanish total eclipse is in 2026! Truly, it's the most amazing sight; and you have to be in totality; even 98% totality is no good because it only goes dark when it's total! Cheers, Ian YouTube / Ian in London
  2. Ha, we're already sorting Texas for that one! Another easy to get to place with almost guaranteed good weather...
  3. The crickets got a lot louder as it got dark and the wind totally dropped during totality, which was amazing. Despite my smugness at the lack of traffic beforehand (coming south from the sparsely populated north of Wyoming), we got completely snarled up heading south afterwards and had around 5 hours of driving to do 100 miles.... But it didn't matter; we had so much fun that day.... Cheers, Ian
  4. We travelled to Wyoming to be rewarded with clear blue skies and 2' 29" of unimaginably beautiful totality. We took our Mavic Pro and Go Pro along too to capture things from all angles and put together a pretty nice little video that hopefully captures the spirit of the day. Hope you enjoy everyone. Ian
  5. Evening again Well, I'm writing this after all day in glorious clear sunshine, but now waiting for the clouds and slight rain that appeared at 9.15 to clear up Couple of points. Understand your concern on wild slewing. I'm never more than a few feet from the scope now. That said, I had another perfect night of viewing last night; telescope never once lost control in 90 minutes. Your tablet may have 'haptic feedback' switched off. My directional arrows do give me feedback when I touch them. As for 'tonight's best', I think this is a one-size fits all list, that depending
  6. Thanks gents We've been using a full sensor camera (Canon 6D) and whilst we were using liveview, we hadn't tried zooming all the way in. We've only been trying on our Moon and Jupiter so far... With pretty poor results. Moon was fine as we could focus on the terminator. But Jupiter was just a blurred mess...... I think we may try Afocal projection; I hadn't heard that term for it. We had been fixing the 6D to the scope with the T-Ring. I did try my cellphone against the scope's eyepiece the other night and I did get a reasonable shot of Jupiter, but we want to stack layer shots
  7. As a newb to astro-imaging, can you explain what afocal projection is? We have been trying to get decent focus attaching the Canon 6D to our Evolution 8; there are no lenses on the camera body of course, the body attaches directly to the T-ring adapter and so the only way we've been able to focus is via the scope's focussing, using live view. Which generally brings fuzzy useless results...... Ian
  8. Well fella, after setting the location in the Handset Control, using the tablet worked first time!!! I cannot believe the setup ignores the GPS from the tablet when aligning via tablet wifi! How stupid can the developers of this system be???? And when you're paying 1.5 grand on a top end scope, you expect a manual that actually tells you the right instructions.... But now it's working fine. And I have just had a great evening playing with the Skyportal app controlling the scope perfectly. Access Point mode worked fine all night. Have to say, I think you should have another go u
  9. Hi Noah Thanks so much for this. You have suffered precisely the same issues as myself. I only read this reply this morning (Friday) after yet another night of completely confused alignment last night, this time with a new install of the Skyportal Programme on my new mobile phone. This morning (before I read your post!) I went through all the menu options on the HC and noted just what you'd mentioned! The instruction manual is not aligned with the options on the handset; it never prompts you for location and I had to go looking. I was set to California and I figured that w
  10. Well, I only just got the starsense! When it works, it works absolutely perfectly; it zooms around by itself for 2 minutes and then you have perfect alignment. It makes you far more inclined to move the scope around the garden if you have obstacles, as it realigns so easily. But it's a massive drawback to not be able to use the skyportal app. And the skyportal app should work fine with starsense....
  11. Hello all My Skyportal App seems completely unable to work properly with my Evo 8. starsense If I try and align via starsense via the handset, it works perfectly. But that is no use if I want to use the Skyportal App; you have to align via the Skyportal App if you want to use the app. That in itself seems daft that the app can't simply accept that the telescope is aligned via the handset. Unfortunately trying to align via the app results in the scope spinning round and round, or turning upside-down. It's completely confused. If it does manage 3 out of 3 alignments, it finally an
  12. Hi all I wondered if anyone else was suffering Skyportal freezing and crashing with their Evolution or any celestron scope with wifi? Having finally got my Starsense working and calibrated, my evening was mostly spent re-aligning due to Skyportal freezing then crashing. I have two Samsung tablets; one older one which is dedicated to the telescope, and a newer one as my main tablet. Both displayed the same issue; the aspp crashes after about 3 or 4 stars, often freezing the scope in mid-movement. I narrowed it down to the tablets reconnecting to the main house wi-fi, so losing
  13. Well, for anyone else starting out with Starsense, I think the issue is that if you align and calibrate via the handset, Sky Portal will NOT be aware of the alignment and calibration. Last night I did all the aligning and calibration via Sky Portal and it worked better. No slewing off anywhere it shouldn't.....
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