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  1. I'm pretty sure as soon as my neighbours see me start setting my scopes up, they turn all the lights on in their house and call the other neighbours to do the same
  2. Thanks for the comments after some more research the Skywatcher version is not compatible so Ive ordered a Celestron one I have a Skyprodigy mount too, so much faster to align for me and I havnt used the CG5 yet as I find it frustrating trying to find Stars in the eyepeice, I generally use a Camera lens (Tamron 150-600mm) so can be a pain in the bottom
  3. Hi all I have a probably silly question I'm looking to get a Starsense, now both Rothvalley and Tring Astronamy centre are doing the Starsense for Skywatcher mounts for £300, the usual Celestron one is £340 ish Does the Sktwatcher version work with Celestron mounts too? As far as I can work out the only difference is the Skywatcher one comes with an aux port splitter, I'll need one to connect to my CG5-GT any way I'd rather save 40 quid lol Thanks Adz
  4. Will do Happy-kat, i'm hoping for some more clear nights soon so I can get back out there
  5. Put all of the images into a timelapse I've tried stacking in deepsky stacker and im not getting very good results
  6. So this is my 2nd attempt at deep sky photography I've used my full spectrum Olympus E-PM2, Tamron 150-600mm lens, 2x Teleconverter all attached to a Celestron Skyprodigy mount P1070293.ORF P1070293.ORF
  7. So I used a Olympus PM2 with the IR cut filter removed for this one Again Tamrom 150-600mm and a 2x teleconverter Lens attached to my Skyprodigy mount for tracking Here's a link to my Moon playlist on Youtube P1010013.MOV
  8. Hi all I'm new here so I thought i'd enter this pic of the moon Its 4k video taken with a Panasonic Lumix GX800, Tamron 150-600mm lens and a 2x teleconvertor, with the crop factor of 2.4 (that's what Lumix crops at for 4k video) Gives a focal length of 2880mm, I backed out slightly to get the Moon in the Frame I mounted the camera lens on my Celeston Skyprodigy mount and set it to Lunar tracking The original video was 5 mins long, but I cut it to 277 frames and processed in PIPP before stacking in Registax 6, then I just converted to black and white in Windows photo editor The original movie can be found below Hope you likey Adz
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