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  1. Hi Mr Cat I got myself a Seymour Solar SF750 7.5" Filter from here:- http://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/seymour-solar-sf750-75-type-2-glass-solar-filter.html It was a bit pricey but performs very well.
  2. I agree with the comments aboce. I have the NexStar 6SE and use a 9X50 RACI but I use one of those mounted "Green Laser" Pen-type spotters for getting close initially. If you do use a Laser Pointer though, remember not to point it a passing airplanes! People have been prosecuted for that apparently...!!!
  3. Hi all... Many thanks for the very detailed and much appreciated feedback... I was told from the start that Stargazing would have a steep learning curve and that AstroImaging was even worse but Oh boy is it fun!! Again thanks for the replies.
  4. Peter Sorry a bit of a "Homer" moment there...I see from your own equipment it is the EvoStar 80ED DS Pro you were talking about... Thanks again.
  5. Peter I take it you are refering to the Orion ED80 as opposed to the SkyWatcher Evostar 80ED? I was looking at a Vixen ED 81S APO Refractor as it was recommended to me by a friend who has one! Pricey but on a decent mount would be very good.
  6. I got a Deben Tracer LiPO Battery (http://www.tracerpower.com/tracer-lithium-polymer-battery-packs.html) and find it to be very good. Also got a 4-Way Cigarette adapter from Halfords and can power my Scope, Heater Bands and still a few extras left. Admittedly it is an expensive battery but very reliable. Hope this helps in some way?
  7. Hi and welcome from another newbie over in N. Ireland...
  8. Hi and welcome from another newbie over in N. Ireland...
  9. Hi and welcome from another newbie over in N. Ireland...
  10. Hi Peter I would certainly like to get into some DSO Imaging soonmer rather than later, but I realise the limitations of my Alt-Az mount so I am in the process of getting a decent HEQ6 Mount. Regards
  11. Do I need or rather would I benefit from getting a Focal Reducer for my scope and if so what type. I know that Celestron do a 1.25" F/6.3 Reducer but are there alternatives? Regards...
  12. Hi there Dwarf Nova from a newcomer in N. Ireland. I am very interested in the fact that you are using the Rasberry Pi for Astronomy. A great and versatile bit of kit it is...
  13. Hi there Stefan froma newcomer over in N. Ireland. Lovely images you have there. Clear skies...
  14. MIDIManNI

    New member

    Hi there D Wright and welcome to SGL from a newcomer over in N. Ireland...
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