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  1. 9 hours ago, Lockie said:

    Like many I've not been able to partake in a bit of astro for a while due to all this snow. More snow than I've seen for years in the South East recently so I was thankful to see an unexpected gap in the clouds. The clear outside app and Sat24 both promised a couple of hours if I was lucky so I grabbed the chance to try out the WO Megrez 72 with the Altair 294C which I had setup in the obsy a couple of weeks back. My first mission was to thaw the lock out, then the roof was iced shut, but eventually I gained access and managed the whole of one sub on Orion before it clouded over. Thankfully it was only passing clouds so I swung around to the north and eyed up M81/82. I managed 18 x 60 sec unguided subs before more clouds arrived, this time they started dropping snow on my scope so I shut up shop pretty quick. Stupidly I moved the camera before realising I needed to do my flats so I've been battling gradient with what data I do have, but it was so nice to get semi back on the horse with almost proper deep sky imaging. I'll take it as a win. 

    As always I documented the night with video. 


    Enjoyed you'r video. good bit of fun in these troubled times .Well worth the effort.

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  2. 1 hour ago, At dusk said:

    After over a month of rain, clouds and wind,  I've been lucky because I've been able to enjoy the most beatiful conjunction since I took up this hobby almost 40 years ago. Visually it has been and amazing show. Both plantets dancing really close and surrounded by a beautiful retinue of  moons. I don´t think anyone has been able to capture all this beauty in a single picture. This is what I`ve got. Zenisthar 73 + powermate 2.5x + asi120mm


    congratulations, great image.

  3. 22 hours ago, Ken Mitchell said:

    First attempt and first clear morning after 2 weeks of bad astrophotography weather.

    Taken about 2 hrs before sunrise on 07/13/2020

    The image still has some startrails from the comet stacking mode in DSS. I've used the comet stacking mode and normal stacking mode and blended both together in Photoshop to get the comet with its starfield rather than startrails. 

    Difficult process to do this manually. 

    If someone knows a method/software that does comet stacking with its starfield, please let me know. DSS failed me on several occasions  using comet+star stacking method.



    Equipment and image detail: 

    Nikon d610
    TS72 APO + TS72flat 
    settings: 432mm, f6, iso400, 40min. Different exposures ranging from 30 sec to 5 sec.

    Tracking: Skywatcher Star Adventurer
    Stacking: Deepskystacker 4.2.2
    Processing: Adobe Photoshop


    Fantastic image. congratulations. thanks for sharing.

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