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  1. Well after pratting around going back and forth from house to computer changing iso's and exposure times to see impact. I still have an image that's no better than what I started with. All the curving and layering in the world isn't actually bringing out the nebula, more enhancing the general light around it and the rest of the space. My images go continually brighter and brighter without a particular focus on the nebula. For the life of me I can't seem to get any further with my images. Would anyone like to have a stab at them instead as I now give up'!!!
  2. now would you believe it, not moving it a quarter but a slither to the left actually worked! I just kept repeating that till I finally started to see the historgram move across! now to try the curves!!
  3. and this is once I had done the curves and wanted to adjust levels. as you can see I have nothing in the middle any more?!
  4. this is tonight's photos having stacked them using darks and lights. I had 34 lights and about 10 darks. as you can see I have included the curve graph
  5. Yup done that but histogram still refuses to budge to middle!! (Will post pics in a tic )
  6. Ok, round two tonight and I still have a Histogram which is all the way to the left. I have no gap. Is this because I haven't used flats, dark flats or bias (which I still cant figure out what they are) ?
  7. yes all on RAW and on just the DLSR (not had a great deal of luck on the telescope so thought I would go back to basics(!) on just the camera for the moment. Ive just jumped outside this second and done another load so we will see if that produces anything slightly better.
  8. ok used 12 light frames and 12 darks/ exposure was for 5 seconds each on 800 ISO using a Cannon 350D I'm going to attempt some more tonight (gotta take advantage of the clear skies!) How many should I look at taking then? cheers for the assistance. kazz (sorry I've been a nuisance but am certainly struggling with all the new terminology and abbreviations)
  9. this what I have when changing it from 32 bit to 16bit
  10. I used a couple of the vids that were suggested on this forum. The only problem is (and I think this is what the guy above was referring to) is that my black area starts in the bottom left and I've got no way of moving it across when doing the curving. I'm guessing I might head more dark photos when stacking so the contrast is more obvious?
  11. Managed to stack but can't seem to make sense of curving it or layering image, just seems to get brighter and brighter!!!!
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