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  1. Hi Kazz Thanks for the reply to the post. I've had lots of good feedback about the 130SLT and can't wait to get it up and running, that is when this horrible weather goes away and I aventally get a good clear few nights. I think the summer nights will be awesome ?
  2. Hi Peter / Gfamily Thank you guys so much for your input it's really helped me decide. I've spent endless hours researching all different types within my budget but it's always good to get other people's views. So I've got round to getting the Celestron 130slt
  3. Hi Dave, That's fantastic, thank you! I really appreciate the information and advice. I've got a lot to learn
  4. Hi Dave, Thank you for the reply, I wouldn't be looking to use it for photography or videoing just yet so only visual purposes at the moment, in the future i would like to get into that. I'd love to start off with the main 8 planets and the dwarf planets nebula constellation etc and progress from there in time. I know this will take practice but I have a loving passion for Astronomy and now finally have time to do it :-) Thanks Dave Steve
  5. Hi everyone! I'm very new to astronomy but had an interest for many years. Now that the kids are a bit older I am about to make the move and buy a telescope, but unsure as I've read quite a few of reviews and all seem to be very good, or so they say. I came across the Celestron Nexstar 130SLT which seems like it could be the one for me, I may sound a bit lazy but I like the idea of it already having a computerised database with lots of stars etc loaded on it. Which is what I would be primarily looking to use it for. Could anyone shed some light on this model please before I buy it. Many thanks guys. Steve
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