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  1. Hmm! Thanks chaps a lot to think abt. Leaning more to getting it in the UK.
  2. Is there a rule for shipping from the states. I looking to buy a Faststar / Hyperstar setup for my SCT. The cost here from the widescreen centre is abt £1095.00 Buying direct from Starizona is $949 = £665 A difference of 430 quid.
  3. Ok I have a new CPC SCT 925 and want to maximise the FOV. I've been on the FOV FLO tools page and input the relevant info BUT there is no box to check to say what eyepiece type I have I.e. 1.25" or 2" so. Would a focal reducer and a 2" EP work or should I just stick with 2" EP. Looking to get the Baader starter set.
  4. Seriously thinking of getting this telescope. Can I get a wedge for this as I want to do astro photo later.
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