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  1. I live in Niagara falls NY, I'll look into it
  2. Ishaha

    A dream

    Maybe we can dream of space because we are all star childrenXD
  3. Ishaha

    A dream

    I read that earth would survive to see if up close (if we are alive) then the solar system might get flung into space, scary!
  4. Ishaha

    A dream

    I had this dream... That I was outside of my house and the milky way and Andromeda Galaxy were merging already... IT was spectacular and really real. And you could also view a galaxy during the day that was coming to us too. All I can say is that it was amazing! Anyone else have dreams like this?
  5. Woow, I only see the dark band but that is amazing
  6. Sounds interesting, thanks you guys for all the support
  7. Thank you all, I live in western NY and I don't know about the observatories here... Man physics sounds fun though XD, I can still pursue astronomy through physics! Annnd physics is one of the ways to understand more of the universe!
  8. I am quick to learn... I always do have my drumming buuuttt Eh, lol. Physics sounds like something I would be really interested in.
  9. I'm going in to highschool which I read is important, I'm not in advanced classes but I am good at math.. Astrophysics is a PhD degree?
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