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  1. It's a JMI SCT motor focuser. The best accessory I've invested in. Perfect, vibration free focusing!
  2. My 180 pro. My main instrument now after many years of using different types of telescopes. It is used for both visual and imaging every time the weather allows.
  3. Roger, sorry for calling you Rodger. Sausages for fingers tonight. .
  4. Rodger, Yes, I had the same trouble last year when the mirror in my maksutov dewed up in my observatory/shed. I took it indoors overnight and it cleared up fine. Now I keep a bag of silica gel dessicant in the focuser throughout Autumn and Winter. It changes from orange to green when saturated. I've had no problems since. It can be purchased cheaply from Amazon and dried out in a warm oven and used over and over again. Several 20g bags will only cost a few dollars. A couple in the focuser should keep a 9.25 dry! Chris.
  5. John, I do wear specs which doesn't help of course. Even with the eyecup up I get blackouts and when viewing the Moon the whole field doesn't seem evenly illuminated. I just seem to struggle with this eyepiece for some reason, as I say, the 26mm is excellent. Chris
  6. Hello all, Thanks for the extra suggestions. I think I might go for the TS ED Paragon 40mm. It ticks all the boxes and is a fairly reasonable price, certainly compared to the LVW. The same as the Skywatcher Aero ED I believe but a little cheaper from TS! Regards, Chris.
  7. Thanks for the advice all. Yes, the Panaview has a twist up top but I still struggle as the eye needs to be perfectly central. I have the 26mm as well and find it very good indeed. Much nicer. A 27mm panoptic would give me x100, which is a little high for low mag. Bet they're nice though! The LVW sounds bang on. Better get saving! Chris.
  8. Hello all, Just a quick question really. Looking for a 2"eyepiece, about 40mm but with about 20mm eye relief. I have a 38mm panaview but struggle with to much eye relief giving blackouts etc 60° field or more would be nice. Any suggestions? Chris
  9. Steppenwolf, your point 3 was the answer. After I polar aligned I didn't return the scope to park. I did a three star align then the targets I slewed to were at the edge of the field of an eyepiece at x100. Some objects were a bit further away though. Does this sound about right? Chris.
  10. Thanks all for your suggestions. This afternoon I powered up the mount, skipped the star alignment and did some goto slewing to stars that I knew their rough positions in day light. It seemed to work perfectly. Very strange. I'll try the star alignment procedure again tonight and see what happens. Chris.
  11. Cheers Olly, This was my first run with the mount, and it didn't go well. After polar alignment, I went to do a two star align. First star was Vega over in the west now. Scope tried to slew to Vega with weights high but the tube hit the top of the pier plate before it got there. Started from park, tube up pointing north. Gave up in a huff at 3am! Any thoughts? Chris.
  12. Hello all, Just upgraded my old manual gem for an eq6 synscan. All polar aligned etc. All seems fine. The mount seems to operate with the telescope on the west side of the mount. I prefer it on the other side to give me more height when looking west. How can I do this? Or have I just asked a silly question. I'm new to goto. Thanks, Chris.
  13. Ant ,I went diy. Here's my effort. I was worried I'd mess it up but it was easy really! Works well. It's held on with tape and the dew shied for extra security. Chris
  14. I would occasionally travel up to Farringdon Road in the mid to late eighties when I was in my late teens, just to be around telescopes really. On one visit I got chatting to a chap in the shop who seemed to work there. I had just started work and used to operate a vacuum coating plant to make mirrors for microscopes. He was most interested in this and spent the next hour showing me around downstairs where he used to coat his mirrors (amongst piles of bits of telescopes!). It wasn't until years later that I discovered that the chap in the shop that day was Dudley Fuller. A great memory. Chris.
  15. Hello all, I am considering using a dual bar but have no experience of these so was wondering if a little advice might be forthcoming. I am a visual observer of mainly planetary and lunar targets and have an excellent 180 mak. But I also like open clusters and of course the mak has to narrow a field of view. Could I put a little ST80 next to the mak on a dual bar for low power wide field observing? My worry is that the two tubes are very different weights and this may be a problem. I have a large capacity mount so the combined weight isn't an issue, just worried an unbalanced dual bar may not work. Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely! Chris.
  16. Very nice Dave. I wondered if someone on here had bought it. I must have seen the advert just minutes after you, otherwise I would have had it in an absolute flash! Glad for you though. . The only other scope that would tempt me to sell my mak would be a 6" f12. I can be patient! Chris.
  17. Just thought I needed to add to this thread. These are my first views of Mars with my 180 mak and, well, wow. Lovely seeing for planetary viewing with a nice moon halo and very still atmosphere. Great view with my 10mm radian at x270. Pole cap, and whitened area just disappearing around the limb. Is it my eyes, or is the opposite limb which is experiencing sunrise also a little whitened. Cloud or mist perhaps? Anyway, couldn't resist pushing the mag and put my 14mm radian in my x2 powermate for about x380. Hardly any loss of image quality and a sizable disc. I was thinking of selling the powermate recently as I haven't been using it much but not now! Memorable hour of observing. Chris.
  18. Absolutely right Steve. The confusing thing is that the word conjunction can be used in a few different ways. I think between us we have covered it pretty well.
  19. Hi, Conjunction is when a celestial on object is close to another. For example, Jupiter is in conjunction with the moon. Opposition means opposite the sun, so south at midnight. . Chris.
  20. John, I actually thought that it may have been you that bought it. Maybe to use as a finder for your 6". Chris.
  21. If I had seen that in time I would have had it like a shot! If anyone has another one hanging about, drop me a line!
  22. DaveS, I use 2"eyepieces to get a bit of a wider field at lower powers. My 26mm panaview is very nice and I have a 38mm 70° eyepiece shows me the whole disc of the moon (or Sun!) Nicely. Chris
  23. Hello, Had my 180 for about eighteen months now and think it's about the best planetary scope you get without spending a few thousand quid! Add a dew shied, heater band and put a crayford on the back. Voila! Planet killer. The only thing that seems to stop it is dodgy seeing, which recently was October, November, December, January and February. Seriously though, I've rarely heard of collimation issues so perhaps proceed with caution on that front. Chris.
  24. I also observed Jupiter on Thursday night in very still and misty conditions. It was one of the best views of the planet I've ever seen. At 225x with my 12mm Radian it looked like a photo stuck on the end of the telescope! GRS and Io in transit were very clear. After a winter of mainly terrible seeing conditions, I was starting to wonder if there was something wrong with my scope. After that short session I'm happy it's okay. Chris.
  25. Hi all, On the subject of the Martian moons, what magnitude are they? I always assumed that they were out of amateur range and a monster aperture was needed. 18" plus sort of thing. If not, I'd love to have a try at those! Chris.
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