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  1. As the camera is attached only to the scope. What is the actual magnification?
  2. Cheers. Will have a play. Is it possible to get nice and sharp shots or would the seeing have to be good?
  3. I had a first attempt at the Moon with my DSLR attached using a T-ring. Was ok but not that impressed with the results. The image wasnt sharp around the edges and I couldnt grab enough detail. Could this be caused by slight vibration I noticed while taking the shot? Also if there is no eyepiece attached how am I getting a zoomed in shot? Any tips or thoughts? Thanks
  4. Not sure i'd be very confident of finding any of those in my suburban skies right next to a street light. Thanks though.
  5. Hi all, Dark nights starting to come back in so its almost time to get the scope out again. I'm hearing the planets are out at dawn at the moment- and im certainly more of a night owl than an early riser. Whats to see between the hours of 7-11pm in the UK at the moment in city suburbs? Just the moon of major interest? Any planets at all? Thanks
  6. Still gutted its basically the least sociable hour and on a work day too.
  7. I have the exact set up as you. What do I need to attach my camera? And what are some good settings? Thanks
  8. Keep an eye on http://www.astroboot.co.uk/AstroBoot too. I got mine nearly new for well under £200.
  9. Question to you sages on here: About the classic images of the Milky Way that people take photos of out in dark sky areas- the ones that look like massive clouds of gas. What are we actually seeing here? One of the spiral "arms" of our galaxy stretching away from us? Thanks
  10. Brilliant report. i'd love to see Aurora but it doesnt get pitch black until after 12- too late for me.
  11. Brilliant! I'd love to catch the ISS. What mag was it?
  12. Sounds like you had a similar experience to me the other night.. couldnt believe I could see the CD. It's millions of miles away for goodness sake.
  13. Maybe yes. I'm sort of on the cusp of a bit of countryside here in Kingston Park so somewhere a touch further north could be good.
  14. Yeah I was out last night but the seeing was TERRIBLE.. I couldnt make out the Cassini at all. Not a very successful night.
  15. Congratulations. I saw it for the first time on Wednesday night- made all the better as I wasnt expecting to be able to catch it on the horizon at all! Also, the tilt of the planet and the ring display seemed perfect. Get that bigger scope and you'll see the Cassini Division!
  16. Its weird isnt it? You can spend ages staring at it and you dont really know why you are!
  17. Good stuff Pyscho! I was chuffed with seeing the crescent of Venus last night too. I found the seeing for both Venus and Jupiter to be pretty poor but then I was up at 240x. I actually found it quite interesting to see how bad seeing can be- a mass of "heat haze" across the planets. I hope you get to see Saturn- I made my debut last night- Wow incredible! It seems to take high mag really well too. If you go out about 11:30pm it seems to be about the level of Venus in the Sky but south obviously.
  18. Are you sure you can't see it? I thought it'd be far too low down to see. After about 11:30 it appeared about as high as Venus in the West- quite comfortable for my Dob- though I did have to go to the back of the garden.
  19. I finally dusted off the scope for the first time in weeks (lack of clear nights has been ridiculous!).. left it out for 20 mins or so and I realised that there was an ISS pass so I rushed out, looked up and there it was- really bright! I didnt realise ISS could be that bright! Unfortunately I couldnt quite track it at 48x. Next I fitted my Barlow for the first time and pointed at Jupiter- seeing not very good due to Jupiter now a lot closer to the horizon. I did get a few flashes of good seeing and the Barlow (at 240x) did make a difference.. clearer views of the main bands (my GRS dream may be within reach!) Next up I pointed at Venus, which in the past has been far too bright. For the first time ever though I saw the phase. Loved that! Now the big one... I knew Saturn was to the south somwhere (theres some big trees there for me) so I didnt hold out much hope. I did see a faint "star" peeping through but not high enough for my Dob. I waited a bit and through the twilight quite high up a brightish star appeared so I pointed the scope at it.. and there it was. My first ever view of Saturns Rings. WOW! With the Barlow (which really worked well on Saturn at 240x) I saw Cassinis Divison clearly. I didnt realise Saturn got that high up above the horizon- must be getting to the best time of year? What a night- ISS, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. I'll never forget my first look at the rings. Reporting from Newcastle Upon Tyne 11:15-11:55pm 3rd June 2015 (photo was just a quick one through my phone as a keepsake)
  20. Rushed out just in time to see it. Wow how bright was that!? I didnt realise ISS was that bright. Tried to pick it up at 48x but couldnt quite track it.
  21. I'm going to attempt Saturn for the first time ever in a bit. I'm not sure it'll get above the trees to the south though
  22. Can anyone tell me how to correctly fit a Barlow lens? I've just bought one. It has a fitting which looks like another lens would screw onto. Not that i'll get to use it- I can't remember the last clear night!!
  23. Cleadon is Sunderland in my eyes. Posh git
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