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  1. Good reply Ecuador. ..and thanks. I like the weight on the tray tip
  2. I have been reading reviews and asking folk for advice about the best scopes,for new the astronomer for a while now. And I am grateful for all the advice I have received from everyone on this site and elsewhere✌,It was second to none. I actually had my heart set on an orion xt8i dob, but I just couldn't justify spending £500 plus. It was tearing me apart ,I wanted a dob..but needed help finding stuff.. (having used binoculars for 6/8 month's, I knew how hard the night sky can be) the orion ticked all the boxes. .....anyway whilst searching for second hand bargains in the usual places,I came across A skymax 127 goto,I quickly did some research and decided to purchase .. It was £200 and only use a couple of times and had extra eye pieces too. When I picked the scope up, it truly was in immaculate condition. I ve had the scope over a week now, but unfortunately have not been able to use it as of yet..this is no way due to the dreaded new scope curse ..... lol (More to the fact of ripping the bathroom out on the day of purchase) Haha.. Still not sure if I've made the right decision....But hopefully will by the end of the week. I would be grateful for any tips and tricks anyone has for this scope.. regards Tony
  3. Good evening, Sat here waiting for the neibours security light to go off has got me thinking
  4. That xt8 plus was £425.90 when I went to purchase! Price was with no vat! Thought I had a bargain! Pffttt!!!
  5. Evening folks, Think I'm just about ready to press buy.a good price too £351.94. This looks like a great scope! I would of preferd a zhumell but finding it hard to get one shipped. If anyone has one (xt8 plus) I'd be great full to hear any reviews.. Been looking at tons of diffrent scopes recently,but always went back to a dob,or was pesuaded to go dob. Excited times now,thinking my sky will open up for me after using 10x50 for around 6 months!
  6. Thanks damnut, I've got a nice pair of nikon aculon 10x50. I use them all the time in my garden. Cloud permitting! I shall take them with me on my nxt camping trip! Thank's for your time.
  7. Good evening all, My new hobby is researching various telescopes...as my night of binocular gazing are obscured by ☁!!lol I keep swinging towards a dobsonian ,but recently came across this little beaut.. Does any one own one of these.. Would viewing be similar to a 8" dob.. It seems to fit all my needs as for storage, portability. ... My main viewing would be the moon & planets at the moment... And if know what else would I be able to view ? I also do a lot of summer camping so this would be able to go with me!! I would be very much apreciate any advice.. Thanks in advanced Tony
  8. Greetings. Just a quick little tip for any new astronomer with an android device. Being a newbie myself I wanted to learn the constellations. I Google astronomy apps and it came up with quite a few to be honest,anyway I decided to download a game called.. enjoy l constellations... off the play store. It's really good..A speed based quiz game were you have to match the constellations to progress to nxt level. I know there are thousands of books and stuff out there but this really appealed to me because it's with me all the time.. (on my phone)so during tea breaks ,on the bog, waiting outside a shop for the misses.. lol☺ It has really helped me out! Can I just say too... I am no way associated with the app either ,it is just pretty cool.
  9. Hey, thanks all...sorry for late reply. I am new to SL and didn't get any notifications. But a satellite sounds like a perfect answer. I didn't even know we could see them. Well happy now! It was definitely too fast for an aircraft and real high.spooked me a little bit..lol Thanks again..
  10. I'm new to astronomy. But earlier tonight whilst looking at orion belt, (with my 10x50 bins) I noticed a super fast object moving East across the night sky... I often see planes and helicopters but this zoomed across the night sky.... I managed to follow it through my binoculars but lost it ... Any ideas peer's It was of lowish magnitude. .
  11. Hey thanks john. i reckon i need stop looking and part with my money . and thanks again.
  12. I'm jealous. .. But clear skies I have..only with my binoculars. Happy gazing.
  13. Greetings ladies and gents. My name is tony and I am a complete newbie to astronomy. .apart from using my binoculars 10x50 nikon aculon. Which I've been happy to use for the past6/8 month's. But now I need to see more! I bet you come across this question 1000's of times but I'm going to ask again lol. I had my heart set on a skywatcher 200p dobsonian but.... having trawled through lots of diffrent types of scope I came across the star catcher evostar120 eq3. Now my brain hurts like hell... I like the fact I may be able to take pics with the EVO ..which may a better long term solution. ... Has anyone got or use any of these scopes.. All good info will be gratefully received.
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