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  1. hello guys ive only had out once due to weather and that was a full moon though with moon filter in place with 16mm and 7mm the moon was stunning very crisp veiw could see so so many craters and was a dream to use very smoth and easy to track subjects i will update soon as i can get out again
  2. Would b slot of lp up race course I'm in Salisbury so don't mind having a look around for another site I would say new forest would be good they have a fue camp sites
  3. im not a 100% though ive a friend who has same mount they not run well on battarys any way geta small lesure battery prob iron out these grinding problems aswell
  4. thanks for the advice guys ive got a shroud sorted ive tryed a dew sheild today though its a bit floppy and not holding well on the scope if i use a dew strip can it be run off a small battary i want to get a fue fans on the primary aswell that need power any advice on this
  5. will it not make a diffrence if a flexi tube otherwise i will get on the case i thought may need a dew strap
  6. whats the best way to prevent due setting on the secondary im guessing a due heater of some sort can anyone point me in the right direction please
  7. ive just forked out for the skywatcher nivana range im very pleased though they not cheap i also had the william optic swans they are 60 pound each and they are nice to uses with stunning crisp veiws jahmanson is the man to talk to about eps mind
  8. if you dont want to image get a dob if you do go with the eq5 i can get a 10 inch dob in my bmw 318 bigger the better
  9. it would be ashame to have to move elsewear as you get almost 360 deg of sky its fantastic can you not book half the field and other half in the rally field
  10. Woop Woop I can come then when will dates b set in stone
  11. not about for last week in aug sob sob
  12. this is my first review on the forum so i will do my best but may not be upto sratch.. ok... so the three large boxes arrived to day (big thanks to flo) one with the tube one for the scope and lastly the flat pack base my first impressions opening the largest of the three WOW this thing is huge, infact is a beast. i opened the mirror next this was very well packaged and double boxed which is always a good thing now here comes my only quibble after opening the mount and sorting bits in to some order on the floor i was finding it very very hard to folow the instuctions this was only to find that they had surplyed the 10 and 12" guide (never mind). after abit of fiddling about i finaly had the mount sorted. the design is very smart, if you want to dismatal it would be easy as they have used hand held knobs that screw together so no faffing around with allen keys. the bearring surplyed is very smothe aswell the flex tube it self is stunning very solid when extended with a nice paint finish,the design itself is well made it slides in to position with out any friction and clicks into place and then tightens with so nice crome fixings, the mirror was stright forward to fix in place no problems there. im guessing it will be cloudy for awile now lol though i look forward to trying out and will add to this review my first light overall so far i am really impressed with this bit of kit very well build with good design and it has been designed with transport in mind i would recomend this scope to anyone with what ive seen so far of this scope thanks for reading
  13. man thats nuts so much detail has been obs i only ever see a blob i much prefer m82
  14. astrokat

    first atempt

    ok no worrys ive ordered a book to help as im the the most artistic person lol i hope to have a go at planetary sketches soon though they look as if they will be more complex to draw i think this will take some practice to get any good at sketching
  15. astrokat

    first atempt

    i know what you mean with lil dum neb ive inverted on ps then using a spray brush and blur and smuge tool tryed to do the neb though not sure the best way to do ,i think the sketching is easyer than on the computer any advice would b good hear is another go lol
  16. astrokat

    first atempt

    little dumbell is one of my favourate object very small though lots of detail as well and easy to find thanks bud
  17. very nice bud how do you process your images on the computer
  18. astrokat

    first atempt

    finaly had a clear nite sky so got set up for first go at sketching i started of and went for m45 in a pair of 70mm binos after a fue failed goes i started to get the hang of positioning the stars rite so this took 20 mins then i spent 5 mins in the walm touching (hope that aint cheating lol) i then decided to up the mag and go for a small object ,so i used a 10" newt and 7mm ep and OIII filter and sketch the little dumbell this took about 10 min as so fue stars to place then again touched up in the walm over all i think i have not done to bad for a first go and i look forward to progressing my skills at this fine art any comments and advice please give as well needed hope you like
  19. astrozap are not making yet i think i will have a go at making my own thanks for all the good advice i will post my results when finished
  20. in need of a shroud for new 14" skyarcher dob any ideas please ive no idea what im doing though mother in law is very handy with sewing machine
  21. goto does not come with the best feeling of finding youself does and with a bit of pratice its easy to find clusters and galaxys yourself
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