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  1. My 20mm SWA (actually a Maxvision rebrand) is a favourite for me! It has all the sharpness of the 24mm SWA and none of its field curvature (in a F/6 newt)! And the best feature of them all is that I got it second-hand for just 40£!
  2. I might be interested in the same eyepiece. If (and only if!) the talks with glass come to no fruition, PM me! Thanks
  3. Alan, since you mentioned it, I'd love to know what are the intrinsic differences between the XW and the Panoptic design. I seem to understand that the XW, as well as the Delos, are regarded as superior to the Pans/ES68 where their ranges overlap, with better transmission contrast and correction. Which is again to be expected, as the Panoptic line is almost as old as I am while the Delos were introduced just 5 years ago. My other question is, provided that the XW/Delos design is superior, does this superiority carry itself all the way up to the 40mm FL?
  4. I am definitely not the seller! if I had pockets deep enough to afford a legendary eyepiece such as the XW40 I would be extremely reluctant to part with it. I think I would probably take on some Gollum-esque behaviour towards it, actually.
  5. He claims it's in pristine conditions:
  6. Hey people! I am not sure if this is the proper place to discuss this or even if it is allowed by the rules, so if the mods were to deem this thread inappropriate, I apologise for the code infraction. Anyway, I saw a few interesting used eyepieces deal on the main Italian retail site for used astronomy and photography gear, astrosell.it . There I found a guy who's selling a bunch of premium eyepieces to interesting prices: XW 10 -> 250 € XW 40 -> 400 € Along with a few other TV products at not so competitive prices Since I can't afford any of those eyepieces
  7. Let us know how you like your new eyepiece, once you get the chance to try it out in your 16'' beast! If coma doesn't bother you, dovrebbe essere una figata! One day, when I'll be more stable money-wise, I'll probably go for a 100° eyepieces myself, the lure is just too strong to resist!
  8. What a great picture this is! As Olly said, the amber color west to M20 and M8 is a very rare feature in those pictures! Love M22 as well, what a glorious lump of stars. My favourite globular in all the sky!
  9. I get that neither of the tails were visible through the bins, right? Unfortunately I will miss this one comet. The forecast is negative for the next 10 days, and after that I won't have access to my stargazing equipment. Pity.
  10. Did you see comet Lovejoy last year? If so, how does the view compare?
  11. I saw the advert when it was still live, and I decided against it. I already have an 11mm ES82, and I feared the Delos would have been too much of a duplicate to be worth spending 200€. Thus I missed my first real chance of owning a TeleVue eyepiece. Did I do wrong?
  12. Consider that although two eyepieces may yield the same magnification the effective view can be vastly different according to their apparent field of view (AFOV)! For instance, the 24mm 82° will show you a portion of the sky that is 2.29 times larger than a standard 52° 25mm plossl. (I got the figure by squaring the ratio of the AFOVs times the inverse ratio of the focal lenghts, which is to say, squaring the ratio of the true field of view's). Of course in the end it all comes down to one's tastes. I sadly (?) fell very quickly to the widefield sickness and will probably never be completely
  13. I've recently purchased a 24mm 82° Maxvision through Bresser.com, where the eyepieces is currently on sale at just 100€+shipping fees (which amount to around 10 extra euros for Italy, I'm sure that the price for a UK shipping would be comparable). I haven't had time so far for a proper in-depth test, but from what I have seen it's sharp on axis and has only minor aberrations near the edge of the field (to my sensibility, at least). Considering it's BY FAR the cheapest 82° 'longish' FL you'll find on the market, I'd say it's definitely a bargain.
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