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  1. You'd probably need a 10" or 12" reflector with a good mount and a good idea of where to find it. You'd need to plot the sky and then repeat a few days later. The spot that has moved slightly is Pluto. If you do imaging, you might make do with a smaller scope and get away with an easier plotting. I think Pluto's apparent magnitude is around 14 or so, which means that you either need a big aperture or a fairly big aperture and a camera.
  2. Great read. Thank you. What made the read especially interesting is that tonight I had a similar experience. I tried out my new Skywatcher 150p for the first time, targeting Jupiter. Not the greatest seeing tonight, but with a 10mm I could clearly see some of the cloud bands and the four Galilean moons. What a lovely, lovely sight. Thinking I want to go outside again.
  3. I have my new scope and mount (which both arrived yesterday) still in their boxes, waiting to be assembled. I want to, but I'm also a bit anxious and can relate. What scares me the most is to collimate the optics and so I'm browsing the net for tips rather than setting it all up. I say, do it. I will, too.
  4. I'm new to the forum and to the art of handling a reasonably modern Newtonian, but not to astronomy. This site was very helpful when I agonised over which scope to choose (I lurked and read lots of old threads rather than repeating questions that had been asked before) and what accessories I need now vs later, so I decided to join and participate. So far, it's a very friendly and helpful forum, and I don't really have any suggestions at the moment. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone contributing.
  5. Has anyone tried these? As someone with astigmatism, this sounds like the ideal solution, depending on what they cost.
  6. odeon

    New from Sweden

    My 150p arrived yesterday. Today, as I am sure is the rule with these things, it is cloudy.
  7. odeon


    Hi and welcome from another complete newbie here.
  8. odeon

    New from Sweden

    Thank you, everyone. Really looking forward to my scope (although a bit scared of collimating it for the first time).
  9. odeon

    New from Sweden

    Hi everyone, Having decided to rekindle my interest in astronomy and buy a scope--a Skywatcher Explorer 150p is on its way, a decision made in part after lurking here--the next logical step was to join this place. I work in IT (markup technologies, more precisely) but was once going to be an astronomer and so studied physics and astronomy at the uni. I was eventually persuaded to take another direction entirely with my life once I realised there were about 20 or so permanent astronomer positions in Sweden where I live, but I never really let go of my fascination for the universe. Now, decades later, I finally have the time (and money) to do something about it again. Looking forward to reading more here, and maybe writing an occasional post. All the best, Ari
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