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  1. The seeing is rubbish at the moment down here too which degrades the image further
  2. Ok so long story cut short. Ive been observing with an astromaster 70az frac for a while now and I simply love fracs, so Im going to get another in the near future (at the moment Im thinking a short tube achro around 100-120mm) the reason being better capability for some widefield viewing. Now where it gets interesting. I enjoy planetary obs as well as dso stuff and I want to be able to take some short exposures with a camera around 30-60 seconds. Im not to serious about the phorography but I want to have a go. Every bit of advice so far has been to get a good mount first. So I will but the heq5 is out of the question due to budget (lets forget about the second hand market for a second as Id prefer to buy new). So my heads all a bit frazzled with what else I could get. I dont know a great deal about photography at the moment but I have some books on order to help with that and Ive never owned an eq mount (but i completely understand the concept) Obviously this new scope isnt good for planets so another scope will be bought for that in the future and Id quite like the mount to be transferable over different scopes for different purposes. So heres some main questions Do I need tracking? Should i get a synscan mount? (I dont like the idea of a goto mount period) Should i get motors instead of goto? Im do apologise in advance if this seems to be a bit all mumbojumbo, but I cant quite seem to get out what I want to say. Im in no rush to buy anything but want to set what I need in my head so I have something to work torwards getting
  3. Theres m57 the ring nebula in lyra
  4. So just considering my options again and I was just thinking if I had a sky t mount i could mount a st-80 on one and maybe a mak or larger reflector on the other for planetary and visual My question is for widefield dso's using prime focus how long could my exposures be? Around 30 seconds?
  5. That site has some really amazing photos, I think the eq5 may be a good shout
  6. Great stuff. Thanks for all the advice everyone. The book is ordered and Ill get it read.
  7. As it happens i was just checking out that thread. So those images are taken with no tracking? If so I assume its a matter of lots of short exposures to prevent star trailing?
  8. So I'm in the market for an upgrade in the nearish future and I was initially thinking of getting a 150pl but Im aware its pretty useless at imaging. Imaging is something I would like to take a stab at and Im quite happy investigating dso's. So I'm thinking the EQ5 pro synscan mount with a st102t would be a good start. I know its not going to be amazing but will it be ok for a begginer?
  9. Ideal Thats just the information I was looking for thanks
  10. Seeing them i know 70mm isnt ideal for all but the brightest
  11. Its not that I think magification will improve anything but rather give me a better view of the planets. I would like a lower power piece for dso's In aware of the limitations of both scopes and their maximum useful power in optimum conditions
  12. And whilst strecthing my budget I could go to a hyperflex zoom eyepiece if its worth it? But im a tad apprehensive of them
  13. Ok so thanks for all the advice. So to change the question slightly; If i bought 1 better quality ep (assume xcels) should I be thinking of a smaller one (for planets, i.e 6-8mm) or a bigger one for dso's?(i.e 32mm). What would be best with my current set up? But then again it wont be too long before I get the 150pl (think 8 weeks or so). Like some one said above 150x is really pushing the little refracter but should be ok with the 150, right? I dont really have very high expectations of the 70az but dont want to buy more eyepieces than i need too, and if they work well across both scopes its ideal for me. At the same time I would really like to start on some of the fainter dso's (galaxies in particular) but i cant help but think I may be wasting my time with the 70az. Ive got so many different questions and its quite hard to get across what I want to say on a forum. But thanks for all of tour input it definately gives me more to think about
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