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  1. Hello everyone, so my lovely husband has brought me this camera for my birthday, and we decided to try it out tonight.... The moon is looking lovely, Jupiter is there, as well as Saturn and Mars. But could we get a decent image of anything.... No, we couldn't! we have downloaded 2 programmes, FireCapture and SharpCap. We have tried just using it with a Barlow, without the Barlow, with filters... But we just can't seem to get focused on anything. Take Saturn for instance, it was super tiny on the screen, we could make out the shape of it, but no details or anything.
  2. Hello everyone, Me again from Sunny Cyprus looking for some advise on how to see the planets better! Currently when i look in the sky i have a good view of Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Jupiter and Venus are currently low on the sky at early evening, saturn rises a little later, but i have good view of it all night long. My issue is when i look at the planets i dont seem to see a huge amount of detail. I have never seen the big spot on jupiter, but i can see the moons. and i can only just make out the rings on saturn. The closer i go, they just seem to get a bit fuzzy. What do i need to do, or
  3. Does anyone know when it might be visable in Cyprus? I never know when to look out for these types of events (ie, we are 2hours ahead of the UK, so when somone says the event will start at 10pm, is that 12 midnight my time?! or is it a standard 10pm wherever you are in the world?) Really hope we can see it as every night is a clear night at the moment with the most stunning views! If so, where abouts should i be looking roughly?! How exciting! Thanks Gemma
  4. Thank you Ben, I do have stellerium, and I also have turn left at Orion. But sometimes I find it a little confusing matching up what I am seeing. I think I need to have a little more faith in myself! Gemma
  5. I struggled at first, but with the skies out here in Cyprus, its very hard to stay indoors and ignore the beauty that is above us!
  6. Thanks guys. Stu, that looks pretty spot on to be honest! Thank you. How amazing!! Gemma
  7. Hi Dave, I just felt i had to comment on this as you are probably feeling like i did a few months ago. I got my telescope for Christmas from my husband. We set it up, i had literally no idea what i was doing.... I spent hours just looking through the damn thing and wondering if i was ever ever going to find anything exciting. After a few upgrades, i have now managed to witness the moon (obviously!), Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Orions Nebulae, pleiads (7 sisters) , M4, M3, M80, Milkyway (i think)..... I have also very dramatically failed on many nights and come back in the house feeling like th
  8. Hello everyone, Firstly i would just like to say thank you so much to everyone who suggested a new finder.... I have Celestron Astromaster 130 and as you all know, the red dot finder was driving me insane!! So we ordered a Telrad..... Oh my goodness, what a difference! Last night alone, i jumped from Jupiter to Venus, across to Saturn and even managed to check out 3 Deep Space Objects (M3, M4, and M80). I was gobsmacked at the ease of it and went to bed a very very happy lady! I also got a Vixen NPL 30mm Eyepiece which is just beautiful to look through and the view i am seeing of the mill
  9. Hi everyone, Thank you all so much for your advice and comments! I have invested in a 32mm eyepiece and a new Telrad Finder. We have however aligned the red dot finder this evening at sunset and I can now find the moon quicker than I have been! But I still think a new finder will make a world of difference. Thank you all again for your patience and advice!! Gemma
  10. Hi everyone, Been a little while since I posted on here as I have been a little busy and haven't been stargazing as much as I would like. Over the past week or so, been taking the telescope out more and more. So far, I have seen the big things (moon, Jupiter, Venus and last night Saturn for the first time). Truly awestruck and amazed by it. Which made me hungry to see more...... So I started looking into the Deep space stuff..... Wow, could I find anything?! Nope...... My lovely celestron 130eq couldn't deliver the goods and I am feeling so so deflated and overwhelmed by the whole thing.
  11. I am so glad I am not the only one who couldn't see it!! Being in cyprus I struggled to know what time I should have been looking out for it, and when I did stand out looking I couldn't see anything different anyway. I got completely caught up looking at charts and trying to work out where it should have been, but failed....... Went to bed in the end completely deflated by the whole thing! This stargazing business is so hard!!! Gemma
  12. Thank you all for your help and advise. I've still had to read your messages numerous times to understand it all, but your way of wording things has made it so much simpler!! I knew this site would be helpful......!
  13. Hi everyone, Just been looking at 30mm eyepieces and I just don't know what to get? Have seen this one: (hope the link works!!) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Orbinar-Plossl-30mm-eyepiece-31-7mm/dp/B00858IF1A/ref=sr_1_5?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1421513533&sr=1-5&keywords=30mm+lens I am just unsure if it will be cheaply made as it doesn't seem to cost a lot? Does price matter with eye pieces? Hope someone can help? Thanks Gemma.x
  14. What the devil are they?! After reading and reading posts on here and a astronomy magazine, I still can't work out what they are. If I google it, the explaination of them is so confusing...... I am blonde and a female so you can see my issue!!! Lol! Can anyone explain it to me in simple terms? I have a celestron astromaster 130EQ. My lenses are 10mm, 20mm erecting eyepiece, 15mm Kellner eyepiece, 6mm plossl eyepiece, 2x power lens. I also have a red, blue and moon filter. Would a Barlow lens benefit me? Also, is it worth getting a 30mm lens? I have seen these mentioned also. Hope someo
  15. Thank you for the book suggestion, I will have a look at it tomorrow!
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