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  1. Thanks - once again - for the info. I shall do so asap. Just had a play with Sharpcap, hooking it up to my modified x-box webcam and Skymax 127 Mak, imaging the sun (yes, it's actually made an appearance!) making sure the sun filter was firmly in place first, and all worked well. I could even see some sunspots so well pleased with my first attempt. I bet it rains tonight though! Cheers, Kris
  2. Hooray!!! :laugh: Downloading via Firefox worked without any issues, but what a nightmare it's been to turn Explorer off in Win 8.1! Still, found how to do it in the end (thanks to Google), after which the download and extraction went without a hitch. Thanks for your help and suggestion Robin. I'm now a happy bunny. All I need now is for it to stop !$#*£^ raining! Cheers, Kris
  3. Thanks Robin, but sadly the same thing happened. Good idea re trying a different browser, I'll give it a go and let you know what happens. Cheers, Kris
  4. Hi Robin, Help!!! I've tried several times to download Sharpcap from the Sharpcap site but sadly it keeps crashing my PC. When I click on any of the versions (I've tried various, from the newest to the oldest) on the download page I get the usual option of 'open' or 'save'. If I choose 'open' I'm informed that the file is being downloaded, then the usual Explorer security scan takes place. That immediately crashes Explorer and, when I check my downloads folder, it's empty. There's no sign of any downloaded files anywhere on the computer. If I choose the 'save' option this saves the HTML link to the download page in my downloads folder and, if I click on it, my computer goes into meltdown, with many Internet Explorer windows opening in quick succession. It only stops when I put the HTML link into the recycle bin. I'm running Win 8.1 on a PC laptop (and desktop). Only software running (on either computer) at the same time as Internet Explorer 11 is AVG (2014 version). I've tried downloading with AVG switched off. No improvement. Am I doing something incorrect or have I got some weird incompatibility problem with both my computers and the Sharpcap site? I hope you can help (and I hope I've explained things well enough for you to understand!) ..... Thanks in advance. PS I should add that I've been able to download Stellarium and Registax with no issues.
  5. Ditto. What a great idea. This looks just the thing I've been looking for! Many thanks.
  6. Wow! That didn't take long .... I just went to Tesco to get the supplies in and returned to find over a dozen replies. Many thanks to one and all for such a warm welcome. Geoff - when you are in Ilfracombe, if on your travels you should see a Hockings ice-cream van (usually in the Bideford area) treat yourself, anything else on offer is a pale imitation. Thanks for the tip about the Norman Lockyer Observatory Gazabone, it's now on my list of places to visit.
  7. From one newbie to another, welcome. It's nice to know we're not alone isn't it! Krum
  8. Well it's sunny at the moment, but for how long ......... Hello one and all from a newbie to a hobby that's interested me for more years than I care to mention. I've spent some of my redundancy on a Skywatcher Skymax 127 MAC GOTO (and retired to North Devon in the process) and now am hoping for less wind and some clear, cloudless nights. Fingers crossed. I'm sure I'll be calling on many of you to guide me, and having been an avid follower of this sight for several months prior to taking the step of buying equipment etc, know that I'm in good hands. Happy New Year, and clear dark skies to one and all.
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