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    From the album: First few Astro Photos

    Sticking to bright subjects until the guide scope arrives!
  2. Interesting point here. Assume settings and any processing are exactly the same for both images? (incidentally what settings where they shot with?). I don't have any answers for you by the way but have been reading about modding but in my case it would be an older cheaper DSLR if I were to mod (not going to pull apart my 6D just yet as I need it for normal photography!). So my comparison/choice is an unmodded 6D (full frame, decent noise, etc.) vs a modded older camera.
  3. There are a few other options too. http://triggertrap.com/ (I use this method using iPhone or Android to trigger camera) http://triggertrap.com/products/triggertrap-mobile-kits/ about £22 quid Download different camera firmware (http://www.magiclantern.fm/) not sure if it works on your model but worth a look. Do read up first if you go this way as it can affect warranty etc. Wifi dongle and Canon EOS remote (I also use this as my 6D has wifi built in). I use own/use one of these http://www.hahnel.ie/index.cfm/action/productSearch/pid/80 Hope this helps
  4. No Idea. Must be something to do with DSS. Like I said you can get it back in post tho!
  5. Hi Alex, Stacked in DSS with stars and comet checked. Other settings much as my other images (thanks to a youtube vid again!). Mine was very mono out of DSS too but the colour did come back in PS and LR edits. Image straight out of DSS below. Not sure I can remember or post how I edited it!! Good luck with yours!
  6. Hi Mark, M42 was shot with 25 lights (30 seconds, ISO 2500), 10 darks and 10 bias. Not ideal settings prob! I'd have liked lower ISO and a mixture of exposure lengths to make sure I got better highlight and nebulosity areas. Post they were stacked in DSS, stretched in PS CS6 and final tweaks in lightroom. Again I'm no expert here but just watched a few youtube vids and gave it a go! Def will head back that way once I know what I'm doing and give it another crack!
  7. Firstly thanks for looking. I'm new to astronomy and imaging. I've managed to take a few deep space snaps and keen to learn from you guys and improve. I wonder if people could take a look at my first few subjects and offer constructive criticism on how I can improve. The guide setup is on order so I know I can improve with longer guided images to reduce my noise and increase the details in the nebulosity. Image 1 - M42 Image 2 - Moon Image 3 - Lovejoy Image 4 - M31 Thanks in advance Matt
  8. I'd also be keen to try to find Lovejoy, how long is it visible? Think we've got cloudy skies for another week or so here.
  9. Just a quick hello from another Devon newbie. I'm near Honiton and am interested in local clubs/socials/etc. Taken a drive by the NLO but when do they meet/how does it work for new people? Thanks in advance Matt
  10. Few good tips here aleady. Can you get a cross hair / reticle pattern on Canon live view was really the question?
  11. Just upgraded the EQ5 with Goto, Come on clear skies!

  12. Thanks for all the tips so far. Lots to learn!
  13. Just used this to install my upgrade kit, just what I needed. Still can't believe that no instructions come with it!! Roll on a clear night!!
  14. Another newbie question I'm afraid! Picking up my goto upgrade today (cant wait now for clear skies!!). I've read/watched info on a 2 start alignment and I'm wondering if an illuminated reticle eyepiece is essential/a good idea for undertaking the 2 star alignment process? Not planning to shoot on the laptop to start with (just via the Canon EOS 6D attached to the scope) so wondering how best to centre the stars? I understand that one can get additional overlays on the camera (including a diagonal cross) if I upgrade the OS to Magic Latern. Maybe this would then allow a 5x or 10x zoom and use liveview to see if the stars are centred? Thanks in advance Skywatcher Explorer 200p EQ5 Goto Canon EOS 6D
  15. Another newbie question here! Is it worth upgrading the focuser? I'm using a Skywatcher explorer 200p and have started imaging. Finding focussing tricky on liveview x5 or x10 given shake and coarseness of the standard Crayford style focuser. Seen the Skywatcher dual speed focuser. Is that the answer or am I doing something wrong? Example images in my gallery. Other equipment EQ5 mount, Canon EOS 6D with prime focus via standard t ring for most of the shots to date. P.S. How do I add my equipment to my footer/signature?!
  16. Hi Paul, I'm using a Skywatcher Explorer 200p on an EQ5 and shooting with a Canon EOS 6D (not sure how to add this to my profile/footer?) Cheers Matt
  17. I had a crack at M42 for my first image with the new scope (200p). I didn't shoot separate core images all the lights were 30 second exposures. The images are in my gallery, My question is about the post work and colour processing. I'm stacking in DSS and then processing in PS and LR. I've tried a variety of edits and not really sure what to do with the colours. Any tips?
  18. Hi all, I'm new to the forum (and astronomy and astrophotography). I've been reading some posts (and watching youtube videos!) and managed to take my first few shots through the new telescope last night. I'd appreciate any tips, ideas for improvement, etc. Also looking for tips on navigating to targets and for good beginner subjects. Thanks in advance. Matt
  19. From the album: First few Astro Photos

    Canon Eos 6d, Canon 70-200mm f4 L, Giottos Tripod
  20. From the album: First few Astro Photos

    Skywatcher 200p, EQ5, Canon EOS 6d, Triggertrap mobile shutter release
  21. mbalkham

    M42 edit 3

    From the album: First few Astro Photos

    Skywatcher 200p, EQ5, Canon EOS 6d, Triggertrap mobile shutter release
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