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  1. hey! froum the south, near Cagliari!!! You know the island??? =D
  2. thank you all guys! can't to start!!! rain won't stop...i hate it. I'm SARDINIA...most beautiful italian island <3
  3. thanks, man =D thing is: im gonna use this camera only with barlow and powermate, i mean, sticking the camera inside one of them, so technically i don't need that ring, correct?
  4. by the way, thank you for this: just discovered it =D
  5. thanks =) what about 16 bit mode? what is it?
  6. also, when and why should i use 16 bit mode?
  7. quell thing is im gonna use it only inside the barlow, not directly in the focuser, so... oh yeah i warned the vendo already...
  8. yeah, it's not there tho =( i can use some other little screw, but the question is: is this ring important?
  9. indeed it has a little hole, but no black screw =(
  10. Hey guys!!! I just get this camera <3 Does any of you have it? Can you please suggest me some settings for Jupiter (and moon) for FireCapture? I know I have to search the object in 1280x960, record in 640x480, DON'T USE DEBAYER DURING RECORDING, gamma disable. As for shutter speed do i set it on minimum??? What about gain? I have an f/5 telescope, will be using it with televue barlow 2x getting f/10 and televue powermate 5x getting f/25. Thanks =) also: this has to be always attached, right? and what is that rubber band at the right? actually they're two: and this other ring? "location ring?" what is it for? THANKS GUYS =)
  11. omg something has just occured to me: maybe the camera is not inserted enough into the barlow???
  12. nothing happend, video was kinda blurry too... =( i thought that at least i could take nice pics with prime focus at the moon...but they looks weird
  13. i tried to take pictures at the moon, i discorvered that it's a take focus..i mean, for the telescope the focus looks fine (it looks fine in the little screen of the camera too) but when i zoom the pics and when i put them in the computer they are kinda blurry even tho the focus is right...why? =( will this happen with the asi 120mc too? I hope not..anyway, i took also a video and im currently processing it with pipp (1200 frames of 7800 total) let's see what happens with the video...
  14. wow, didn't expect to buy other things, i can afford only the camera...think im gonna go with the color one lol
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