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  1. thanks Luke, i dont know what happend with the colour one on my lappy it looked good but on me 4k monitor it looked well over sat i think it will take a while to get back in the swing of things. i only got a look on the live view and it looked very nice i was cut short by cloud. i know i run around like ive worms in me brain after seeing something on gong 🙂.

    you have some great pics on your flickr im a follower now.

    clear skys. charl.

  2. i do believe humans will visit Mars but staying there morethan a week or so is just not possable Mars is too hostile to live there full time. as for Musk i carnt stand the guy too many people have to be poor to keep that man rich its just evil in my view for one man to have so much money . charl.

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  3. better seeing today but still not good enough for the f11, quite a lot going on in it today i got a qwick look through the ep before i got clouded out and theres a lot of movement.

    kit ed80, quark, asi120mc.

    thanks for looking. clear skys. charl.



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  4. thanks Dave, yes mate it do, by the standard of the last year this ones a monster , hope i get another chance at it with the f11 the seeing was to bad today to use the long scope. wishing you clear mate. charl.

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