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  1. does anyone know if there is a stateside outfit that actually stocks celestron parts?Sent from my SM-T320 using Tapatalk
  2. Exactly sure what to call it but it is the black circular quarter cylinder underneath which lie the worm gear and the clutch plate that applies pressure live on top of the world here but underneath the black quarter cylinder. the ra and dec shaft, one of which is the counterweight shaft screw directly into these black quarter cylinders there are two of these on the CGE mount hope this clarifies exactly what I'm talking about since there is no manual describing the part that I know of anyways here's the problem my right ascension clutch plate you know black quarter cylinder district where the threaded shaft screws into it even with the retaining screw on and tight, it's bad enough at this point that it actually wobbles on the the shaft, meaning enter tell Scope wobbles about that weak point. This is my question where can i buy another one of these black quarter cylinders? used is fine, or other good Fox. right now I'm looking at a permanent jb weld solution as my c14 can not fall, ever, from its perch 5 ft high, with my camera ..... it was in jeopardy of doing just this last I used it please help Sent from my SM-T320 using Tapatalk
  3. 8x mag no more. Otherwise like has been said it'll just be irritating to get clear enough images to appreciate, and while this may slightly help in finding some faint fuzzies it'll drive you insane. If you mount them then any size will do. Celestron makes a 15x100 that is super light, the optics are kinda stinky, but they are SUPER light for their ap which makes them ALMOST manageable. I never could get focus pleasing on the pair (actually two) have had. Plus if you get a lower mag like 8x they will be quite fun for birding etc, so consider coated for stars, low mag for holding, and you'll have a pair to take anywhere. Orion tends to have decent stuff for sensible prices. Otherwise expect $200 for a pair to start. Have fun none the less, that is why you are getting them:)
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