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  1. Wow - I just mentioned it, and hey presto - it's gone! Now that's what I call a feature.
  2. Just about beginning to get to grips with it here. Thanks, admins, for all the hard work - I guess there are a few of you with caffeine hangovers today! But as quite a few others have noted, I'm also wishing there wasn't so much empty space padding out the forum - it does make for an awful lot of unnecessary scrolling - especially on a mobile. I've had to switch off everyone's signatures to try to cut it down a bit, but of course that only works onl thread pages, and not index pages. In a similar vein, is it really necessary to have sub-forum lists expanded on the main page? Getting
  3. The apps I use are listed in the thread that Chris linked to above, but since the subject has cropped up again I'll take this opportunity to get something off my chest. The one app that I see recommended here over and over again is SkySafari, and it seems to have several versions at different price points, which is great. But there isn't one that is 'lite' enough to be offered for free - no time-limited, or function-limited 'demo' version - nothing. Or at least none that I can find. Often apps that work fine with some Android devices won't work with others, so I feel I need some way of trying
  4. Thanks again everyone. Gerry, thanks for the Monkeyhead tip - it does look spectacular in the images I've just found. My filter-buying days have yet to come, so I'll put it on the list for later. Alan, yes the Crab never does seem to quite live up to its billing - I guess the fact of having records of spectacular observation going back to the 11th century, and its position in the No.1 slot on Messier's list do rather raise expectations a bit. Still, I was happy on this occasion that the overall shape was standing out fairly clearly. Normally I'm just aware that there's 'something nebulous' th
  5. Well, I have now! (Thanks to Google and S&T). And I'm encouraged to note that I've already got 'L1' in the bag!
  6. Thanks Piero - I was enjoying your report earlier from the previous day, but cursing myself for not having picked up on NGC2301 for my session. It sounds lovely, and would have been perfectly placed. Ah well, next time!
  7. Thanks Alan - I have heard of the Lunar 100, which is to say that it has crossed my radar, but I've not got a list or map, or whatever. I've not really got much beyond the initial resolution, in fact. That was mainly because I just finally decided there was no reason to keep writing off perfectly good observing nights just because the moon was up! I do need to get organised about it, but I thought I'd start by simply getting more familiar with the major features. At the moment I couldn't name more than a couple of maria and three or four of the more notable craters - long way to go yet!
  8. Thanks everyone - glad it was of some interest. I just hope I don't have to wait so long for the next session. Clear Outside, however, is showing an awful lot of red blocks!
  9. I think most of us in the UK have been frustrated by the weather these last few months. Many poor souls up in the north of England, and in Scotland too have had much worse things to worry about than mere star-gazing conditions, so I shouldn't complain too much. Still, a look at my notes shows that the last time I had my scope out was in mid-November, and before that it was the first week of September! I've had a few nice binocular sessions in that time, but a good scope night was long overdue. Various weather forecasts had, for several days, pointed to New Year's Eve being a good possibility,
  10. Happy New Year everyone. I'm taking it as a good sign that tonight has been the first decent scope-night in months here - I'm only indoors at the moment to thaw out before part 2 of my observing session! :-)
  11. If you tap on that little circular icon next to the map folder it brings up a little slider that will allow you to change how much object labelling you get at each zoom level. You can also customize the font size in the settings - all in all I have found it remarkably configurable for such an inexpexsive app. I do wish it would show a simple scale though.
  12. Saturn is also pretty low down for UK latitudes at the moment (<20 degrees, and getting worse for the next few years), and that makes it all the more awkward for seeing things like the Cassini division. I only managed it on a couple of the better nights back in the summer with an 8" scope - mostly it was all far too mushy. Should be peachy in about 15 years' time though.
  13. Oops sorry - redundant post. Should have read to the end of the thread!
  14. I use LunarMap HD - it does me fine but I don't know how it compares to other offerings. There's a free version which uses lower resolution maps so you can try it out, but the full HD version only costs a few pence.
  15. I think part of the problem here is that if you want to think in terms of photographic optics then you have the analogy the wrong way round - the lens on a camera is analogous to the primary optics of the telescope - not the eyepiece. Swapping eyepieces is, rather, the equivalent of swapping camera backs. And that's something that you can indeed do with the right camera system - LF cameras and many medium format camera systems have (or perhaps I should say had) this capability, and changing the back for one of a different format will indeed enable you to 'see' more or less of the image project
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