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  1. Wow, there's a lot going on there. Looks like the mod was worth it!
  2. Not sure what the flashes are but it's a great image with plenty of detail considering the 'short' sub length.
  3. That's pretty cool. I missed these this year. Bring on the next lot!
  4. Looks great. Would love to know how you 'dragged' it out
  5. As Peter says the Baader film will be your best bet. You can easily cut two pieces and make 'covers' for each end of your binos. Depending on their size you may be able to utilise toilet roll tubes as well. Just be careful with finger prints on the film.
  6. Personally I use a home made Y mask and focus on a bright star. Live view can help immensely. You could make a B mask but you may find it fiddly to construct with the correct spacing etc. you could combine a mask with software to absolutely nail your focus.
  7. TBH unless your going to buy a clear filter that is of equal optical quality to your lenses I wouldn't bother. I'm always changing lenses 'in the field' and occasionally need to clean my sensor because of a dust bunny.
  8. Id say you have achieved that nicely.
  9. I haven't seen the rosette done like that before. I like it! Far be it for me to critique but gave you tried seein how it would look with a bit more contrast?
  10. Great image. I had a go last night as well but am not holding out much hope for the results. It shows up really well at 35mm as well.
  11. Look promising. I think the gopro editing software can remove the fish eye. I'm pretty certain it csn do it for video but am happy to be proved wrong.
  12. Looks promising. Can't offer any help other than to ask what focal length did you use?
  13. Any object apart from the brightest ones are going to be hard without a tracking EQ mount. Not impossible but you have to tailor your expectations to suit. The rosette is a fairly large and IMO challenging target, I've managed to capture it (albeit faintly) with a Nikon so it's not impossible. My best advice is to give it a bash and experiment.
  14. There are plenty of free editing bits of software available such as gimp and you can get good results with unmodded cameras with a little perseverance. If imaging is something you seriously want it try then trawl our beginners section on it and get a copy of Steves book (making every photon count) for advice.
  15. Snap. Whenever I get something a new model is always released with extra features I would have wanted...... Still, I have been meaning to try mine at night, done several daytime time lapses. I've also been meaning to make an egg timer panning head for it
  16. Well said. Needless to say topics like this do get the attention of mods and whilst some posts may be in jest, they are against our CoC (which you all agreed to when signing up).I'm sure Earl is (quite rightly) venting here and wants members to suggest solutions that don't break the CoC or suggest illegal activity, and sympathise. As others have said light trespass is an issue but I'd be tempted not use that as the opening gambit as it could have the opposite effect. Hopefully your neighbour will be reasonable.
  17. Speak to them. Explain that it's going to affect your hobby. Offer them a look through your scope as well. More importantly I would also mention that it shines into your boys room. Be polite and courteous, maybe use the excuse of welcoming them next door and slip it into conversation. To me if they could lower it, it would still give them what they want and also not directly affect you? Looking at the photo if it's lower it might be shielded with a hedge? I know how frustrating it must be to suddenly be confronted with this, especially if they have gone out and it's left on.
  18. This is true, but if there is virtually no light spill above the lamp and the skies are darker then there is no need to filter That is assuming a good install and luminaire design.
  19. It's good to hear the change in lighting seems to be having a positive effect! As for the security lights can you shield them in anyway?
  20. We went to La Palma last year and can highly recommend it. I also think Steve (Steppenwolf) frequents La Palma as well. If you can get in the countryside the LP is very low, get up la Roche even better
  21. We can lock this thread if that's what you so desire, however it was only derailed by users comments not the initial warning. Some posts have since been tidied up so the thread can continue as I feel there will be some useful debate. The moment it steps outside of the CoC it will be terminated.
  22. It hasn't.......yet. However history tells us that there will be someone, despite the CoC you all agree to when joining, who will post something suggesting illegal activity. I don't think we've had a streetlight thread where it hadn't happened. That's why we have posted a pre-emptive warning.
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