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  1. Foscam will be a very cheap alternative. I was looking at one of these but opted for a Swann IP camera as it had a built in SD slot for recording and was on offer at Costco.
  2. Unfortunately I don't think it will, the 'damage has already been done.' What I mean by that is that jpegs are lossy files so some information may have already been lost in converting and saving. Also, IIRC each successive opening and save degrades them. Converting will help preserve any remaining information present but I don't think it will improve it. Actually, just reread your question and may have misinterpreted it - are you saying you've just batched 1000 files to TIFF instead of Jpeg? If so I don't see any issue other than the increase in file size. TIFFs are often favourable over JPEG for being lossless files. Hope that makes sense.
  3. Nah, us mods are like buses, you dont see one for ages then three turn up at once
  4. Wow, dont think I seen so many responses from us for a long while.... Or time off for good behaviour.....
  5. I don't think more megapixels necessarily equates to a better image in terms of astrophotography. As suggested above you need to consider other factors such as pixel size and how that matches your scope in terms of focal ratio and local seeing conditions/sky darkness. I still don't fully understand it myself, so hopefully someone with a better understanding can explain it better. If your talking about 'normal' photography then more megapixels 'may' be better, although there is still debate amongst photographers about that.
  6. I'm not suggesting you are, but you just cannot do what you have done. You should have gone round and told them it was close to setting your fence on fire and insisted it was put out otherwise the police and fire brigade would be called. You've been here long enough to know how threads like this evolve and the consequences of when they get out of hand, then to admit to what you've done..... I'm am locking this thread now.
  7. Not a good move. We cannot condone trespassing here!
  8. I hope you haven't trespassed and done that....?
  9. It is a shame but what can you do? You weren't to know they were going to have a bonfire just as much as they weren't to know you wanted to use your scope tonight. If it's really annoyed you, next time you see them tell them your an astronomer and it was unfortunate they decided to have a bonfire the other night. Maybe invite them to come around next time or suggest, if its possible for them to let you know next time they want to light a bonfire.
  10. Usually we will lock threads and keep them where they are, however, occasionally we deem the threads not to be in the interest of SGLs reputation therefore they get moved off board.
  11. If used a Y mask and find it works a treat. Haven't used a bhatinov mask so can't compare to that however. The Y mask is obviously easier to construct so that's 'y' I plumped for it
  12. You don't make dec corrections it only guides in RA. Im not sure how useful that is though, but guess it (as anything AP wise) still relies on as accurate polar alignment as you can possibly get.
  13. Steve, we have made it clear that this thread does not need or warrant locking yet. Views have been expressed, points argued and counter argued but currently remains within the CoC and, MrQ has taken on board comments made whether it not he agreed with them. 'You' have the option not to add anymore to this thread and ignore if 'you' feel it isn't going any further. Simple.
  14. I haven't tried it yet to be honest as it does so well on its own. Plus I'm using a DSLR so 5+ min subs are pushing it. Having said that it guides in RA, so to keep the weight down a finder guider, as Dave suggests, would be my advice.
  15. It all depends on what focal length your scope is. With my 250p DS I have the same problem as it effectively becomes a 1200mm mirror lens. As Scott suggest you could always try a mosaic. They should be fairly quick to do with the moon as your sub length will be short, just make sure you have plenty of overlap. You can then use PS or MS ICE to stitch together.
  16. Thats exactly what I try and do and think its a great philosophy to go by (although don't much time to answer questions as I would like being a mod, which is ok.) I think categorising yourself 'can' help people in responding to your query however someones perceived idea of their level experience may be wildly different to what others may think. I also think you will inevitably end up judging peoples experience by comparing them to your own experience. For example - I have a healthy idea on what I am doing when imaging, I know what kit I need and think I have even taken some fairly decent (by my standards) images, however I still consider myself a newbie in astrophotography and probably will do for a great while longer. Others may find my knowledge and experience basic, intermediate or advanced depending on their level of experience in comparison. How do you go about setting a benchmark that people can use....?
  17. Ah, I think I get it now, I'll take another look
  18. Ok not sure what I'm looking for app wise?
  19. Thanks for the suggestion I'll take a look.
  20. Thanks for the recommendation. I have seen these cameras and they look quite good and a reasonable price as well. One one else have any advice?
  21. As the title says really. I'm thinking of getting a wireless IP Webcam to monitor my kit when its outside and I'm inside. IR ability is important. I would like to view on either my iphone or ipad, if it has its own app even better. I would also quite like the ability to pan and tilt. Any other features I should consider? Over to you..
  22. Hi and welcome. As another Architect I wish you luck. Does your thesis conclude your part 1 studies?
  23. Funny you should mention that. I used it a couple if years ago for that purpose. Worked a treat.
  24. Cheers mate. Interesting thought about the relationship between focal length and effect of vibration.
  25. Don't worry about it Coastliner, I was just the same. Mirror slap can be an issue and if your particular about the way you image (like I am) it can be an obsession trying to nail everything down. Out of interest what will you be shooting through? The best advice will be to try the Intervolometer without worrying about mirror slap and assess the results - you may be pleasantly surprised.
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